Kush, OG., Haze?

Wasn’t sure where to put this question, seems like a good place. If someone else thinks it should go elsewhere. So be it, lol.

Here it is.

My wife was browsing an online seed bank and asked me a question I couldn’t answer. What is the difference between Mango kush, Mango haze, and Mango OG?

I had no idea, is there something about the plant that gives it that ser name?

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I don’t know about the og but the kush will have kush genetics a plant originally from India and be primarily indica. Ditto for the haze and will be primarily sativa. So whatever parent gives the “mango” part is crossed with a kush plant, or a haze plant, or whatever makes something “og” lol.


I figured it was something like that just didnt know for sure. Thanks


Eagles has you covered.

Mango Kush = Mango x Hindu Kush (indica dominant)
Mango Haze = Mango x Northern Lights #5 x Haze (sativa dominant)
Mango OG = Mango Haze x San Fernando Valley OG (slightly indica dominant)