Kush Autoflower almost ready or not?

So when I ordered all of my seeds I received a pack of Kush Autoflower seeds for free and decided to go ahead and try to grow them. I dropped them on 10/28/19 and it stated 7 to 9 weeks from seed to harvest. 2 of the 3 did not even germinate and this one hit 9 weeks on December 30th. It never really got very big, which I know they are quite a bit smaller, but how close do you think this is?


I see a couple of amber trics, so mostly cloudy. So I guess it depends on what you want from it. I have some plants I’m looking for all cloudy for a more energetic high and some I’m wanting 50% cloudy, 50% amber. I’m growing those to make RSO, but the amber will give you more of a couch lock affect.

I haven’t harvested a plant yet, on my first grow but this is what I have read and been told as I look to harvest my first soon. Just started on straight water to flush the nutrients out over the next couple of weeks.

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I guess I got that right @Covertgrower? I always feel weird giving answers/advise being on my first grow lol


It’s hard to tell 8f those amber tricomes are on sugar leaves or not. I’d get a closer look if possible. Looks great btw


Oh yeah ya did good. @AfgVet
@cdsmith12 flush her chop her if that’s how much amber you like. It would qualify in my book.


I would say you are ready anytime. Looks good.

Flush her and chop her anytime.