Krzydmnd grow two!

Upgraded my grow setup with the new AC INfinity tent. What a quality product for $90!!

Cherry diesel and ecto cooler photos growing now.

I am using the original tent to dry and was going to install a fan and filter, but thought I’d try venting the dry tent into the grow tent and with a six inch ac infinity fan it’s working wonderfully on both tents.


Cool … nice work on the expansion …I love growing my setup


I flipped em to 12/12 on 3/1. There is room in the tent but I’m starting some autos behind these two and moving things around btwn two tents until I get a Rhythm going.

Keep tucking to farther holes as much as you can

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Yeah thanks. I have the cherry spread out and am pretty happy now but the ecto branches are much stiffer so I’m going to keep them top heavy to see how it grows.

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Starting to stretch Flipped on 3/1

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Day 15 of flower.

Day 32 of flower

Week six

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