Kratky method of growing?

Anyone else ever try this method? I sprouted a generic seed from my collection and placed in one gallon hydroponic container. As of today it seems to be doing very well. I know this is not optimal for growing huge plants but if this works it sure is easy and kind of fun. But I still don’t have the guts to plant an auto flower seed that cost $20.

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No experience using kratky, but I hope it works out.

I’ve thought of trying this. My worry is the nutes would combine over time and precipitate out of the solution. Please let us know how it works out. I wouldn’t mind losing the loud air pumps in my dwc buckets.

Well I’ve come to find that changing the nutes is not a big issue. The biggest issue is not enough 02 getting to the roots! With the help of a 02 converter I can flood the solution with 02 everyday. So it’s not technically a kratky method but a bubbler. That said it requires no soil, minimal nutes, and it keeps things small which is good for me! It’s worth a try.

Well it took three weeks about to flower but this thing is growing like crazy. Started to flower yesterday. I think I’ve found a easier way of doing things