Kratky Hydroponics


Has anyone tried the deep cell non-circulating (kratky) method?


Not me but I would love to no more @Donaldj @garrigan65


Well it is basically a 5 gallon bucket with the plants in a net pot. Add the nutrients and an air stone and let it grow. Add new water; at PH, and nutrients once every 1 or 2 weeks and grow as normal.


Hmmm I will look into this


I have done a lot of research and this seems to be an excellent way to grow. I am hoping to try it my next grow.


Never heard of it. Please send me some info or links about it Please



This was one of the first videos I watched. He also has several follow up videos
kratky method hydroponics


I think it’s just another name for DWC or bubble buckets whatever you want to call it


Yes it is. Have you tried it?


No I’m still building my setup but it is my intended plan for growing. Although I’ll eventually switch it to a recirculating system.


@dave68 and @DoobieNoobie

Thank you both for clearling that up for me and yes I know now what your talking and no I never have tried it. I am soil