Kratky Hydroponic nute

Hi, I’m about to start my first hydro grow using Kratky method but I am unsure of the kind of nutes to use and what amount to add, can anyone please post some recommendations?

Jacks Nutrients are affordable and a lot of members are switching to them.

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Can’t get them delivered to my country, trying to get off amazon

The GH trio is super common and works pretty good. You should at least employ a bubbler.

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I use the Canna range of nutes in a hydroponic deep water culture. My girls love them. Growing big and green. Affordable and available on amazon

Oh cool, could you send me a link and directions on how you use it if you don’t mind

Just search canna range into google or amazon. Use the Canna A+B together and then add the different nutes as stated in the pic. Saying that I’ll be switching to advanced nutes on my next grow. Bloom, b-52 and connosuer A+B.