Kratky/Cannabis growing experience


Hello there

Please reply if you have Kratky-Cannabis growing experience.


What do you want to know…?


Hello again Peach.

I wasn’t asking a question but seeking opions as to using h2o2 for a mid-grow clean-up prior to switching to bloom nutrients and light change.

Further research has revealed that is indeed a good idea.

Stay well and stay lucky.



Use it at 50/50 distilled water to 3% peroxide.


410, I will take care to keep the solution weak and not poison the plants ;).


Can you just set your plant in another bucket while you clean things up… if your roots are lookin good and you dont have any slime anywhere… then I wouldn’t leave the plant in there while your using the h202 unless you plan on using it through the whole grow… :wink:



Pea, you’ve identified exactly the process I intend to use.

On the change:-

  1. Lift the plant out of Veg solution.
  2. Use 2 buckets (h2o2 + rinse with h2o) to combat bacteria and do a mid-grow flush.
  3. Transfer plants to a pre-warmed h2o bloom solution in a larger, clean container.

_Note… As you know, Kratky needs to have air roots to work. So my grow will only use 2/3 of container/bucket volume for bloom solution.

I’m already in the 3 week light reducing phase.

My grow might turn into “a-bag-O-tits”.


We all live to smoke another day.

Stay well, be happy but above all… be lucky.



Kratky was originally designed to grow leafy greens with one growth phase.

Cannabis needs two growth phases.

Veg and bloom.

All I’m trying to do is perhaps tap some real-life experiences.


Last year I started indoors kratky then planted in pots and ground outside. Can you just add an airstone? I would rinse roots well and drop an airstone in bottom of bucket but don’t fill it as high as you normally would.


Butch, using an airstone will surely break the whole point of Kratky by making the Ph in the solution to become highly variable over time.

One thing I’ve noticed.

Female plants seem to thrive in a stronger solution whereas males get nutrient leaf burn.

This could be a strain-specific effect.

But hands-on direct observations point to males needing a weaker solution to thrive.

My seed generating grow is extremely small scale.

In no way should anyone act on my gut-feelings without doing their own research.

Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences.

Best regards and good luck.



Good luck to you also. I will be following this thread please let us know how you make out. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do Kratky from start to finish with mj. I’m also interested in breeding. I tried getting some seeds from last grow but I think the pollen wasn’t viable when I used it.


Butch, my health is not good.

This may affect my research and experiments.

However, I feel heartened that you might consider the path less travelled.

I will indeed keep you informed.

Good luck,



So sorry to hear about your health. I have been reading a great thread on another sight about using cannabis for many ailments. I have great interest in cannabis as medicine and specific strains for certain conditions. I think there is so much potential and so much research to be done.
Best of luck.