Kozmoz new grow vote

Greetings everyone, I have gorilla glue, Bruce banner , and girl scout cookies. I just want to make a vote , if you can only grow five plants how many of each strain would you do? All Bruce ? 2 cookies, 2 gorilla , 1 Bruce? What are your thoughts


I’ve never tried Bruce Banner, but gg and gsc are both great.


I’ve never got to grow good genetics yet but I always try to stick to 1 strain at a time. Some strains require different needs and I don’t want to deal with that half way through a grow.
But alot of members here grow different strains together.
Just my wooden nickel :metal:


How many plants I grow depends on my grow space ( 1 plant per 2 square foot). Which plants depends on environment , sativa handles heat better .and Indica do better in cooler temps. GG4 indica dominant 10 week flower, Bruce Banner Sativa dom . 10 week flower, and GSC Sativa dom .10 week flower. In a 4x4 I would either do all GG4 or 2 banner and 2 Gsc.


I like to grow different strains, but what @StonedCold13 said is definitely true. Sometimes I end up doing a lot of extra work because I have some plants that look like their last couple of feedings might have been a little weak for them, while others look like I need to dial it back a bit. So I get stuck mixing a few smaller feedings rather than one big one. Of course that exact same thing can happen with a bunch of the same strain, and it does happen, lol. Great variations of phenotypes within some strains. That all being said, my vote would be 2 - GSC, 2 - BRUCE, and 1 - GG. I love GG, but I’ve grown so much of it recently that I’m going to put it on the back burner for a few runs now.


I would grow 4 of the incredible hulk, two on time and two I would pick real late like 40 percent amber


Id say do 1 GOG and 2 of the rest but BB is my favorite so far from ilgm that I’ve tried


Lol, well I made up my mind… My last grow was 1 Bruce 2 cookies 2 glues… This time I chose 3 Bruce, 1 cookie 1 glue

Here’s a picture of my last grow!


I have bad luck with Gorilla Glue. Mine have been larfy. But then again I was growing from clones.