Kotnmoufs Return Journal

May 5 2023 (seeds popped 8 days ago)

1 RedHot Cookies

2 Green Crack (possible dudes)

1 Cement Shoes

1 Cinderella 99

3 Tropicana Glookies

1 HulkBerry

2 Blue Afghani (clones)


Coco & homemade perlite (styrofoam mulched)


Jacks 3-2-1

PH 5.7~6.2

Water till runoff once a day for now


4 Tasty LED 340 watt draw each (great lights still after 5+years)

1 8 Bar Aglex 780 watt draw (amazing light for the price)

-=Lights ran 24/7=-

That’s right you read that correctly ,no sleep for these ladies at least not until the flip. (I just trying something for the sake of trying it)

Let’s get it…


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The Harem

2 Blue Afghani clones

Top 3 are Cinderella 99 , Cement Shoes ,HulkBerry
Bottom 3 are all Tropicana Glookies

These 3 are 2 Green Crack and 1 Red Hot Cookies


So as I said in first post lights are 24/7 so I don’t know what to expect as far as ; rate of growth ,strength of branches ,rate of recovery after topping/training ,basically just overall health of these ladies so I guess we will see as we go


May 11 2023

Transplanted all (except 2 possible male Green crack)to forever pots , all got topped at the 2nd node. They’ve all responded well except for one ,that being the Cinderella 99 it seem to refuse to grow out of the topped location but the side branches have came out nice.

Red Hot Cookies looking a lil frail

These are the 2 GreenCrack that I suspect to be males


I will be following along. Your going to have a full house! :love_you_gesture:


Ready to learn! :nerd_face:


Thanks for the tag.

Are these autos?

Good luck, lol…
24/7 schedules end up with deficiencies more frequently and faster.

Also photos get excessively stressed with a 24/7 schedule.

But I’m happy to watch and see what your experience is like.


All in all it’s going pretty well so far no problems!


May 17th

These Are the two green crack possible dudes off to the side ,hesitant to transplant but still topping, just in case. I will clone in the coming weeks and throw under some 12/12 and see what’s up!


These two from the start and have seemed like males ,they came up first ,they grew so strong ,and the leaves are so broad ,it’s always just reaching ,the stems are both so girth already ,I have just had a feeling that they’re both males from the start they are from regular seeds so and I guess that’s the chance you take


——————-————————====Skip ahead a lil bit to June 7th====————————————-

They have grown significantly ,and 1 month to the day I flipped these ladies to 12/12 as I have been working lots and had no time to catalog this grow you will have to take my word on a few things! They did run 24/7 the whole month and the amount of growth each and every day was significant and vigorous (as you can tell only 1 month later! Your likely wondering was there any issues with the 24/7 light regime and I will say there were……I have some leaf abnormalities (which I will show in the next group of pics) but other than that ,all in all, other than the constant feeding and pots getting a little dryer than I’d like a few times everything was smooth sailing. When I was training they would seem to bounce back almost immediately, same day lots of times and they seemed to grow out of the tied down positions very quickly ,again same day. Because of this, the growth seemed to be very noticeable on a daily basis. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t notice a significant difference. Since the flip they have stretched a little bit I turned the lights up just slightly now to about 40% and they will go up a little bit now each couple of days until I hit the 21 day mark which will be on June 26th at which time I will defoliate significantly and have the lights at about 80% until about week 8 where the Red Hot Cookies should be finishing (breeder calls for8 weeks)up and the Cement Shoes (breeder suggests 6-7 weeks) should be done. The rest call for between 8-10 weeks ,so we shall see.

I’ve added an AC unit and a dehumidifier aswell because it was getting pretty humid at times and with the crammed in situation I worried about mold and such but we are good to go as far as environmental situation now!

Start left to right

1=2 Green Crack (as you can tell from their presence alone they turned out to not be dudes after all )

2=2 clones of Blue Afghani

3=2 Tropicana Glookies (had 3 but gave my homie one because of over crowding)

4=Then the next back is the Hulk Berry and in front of it the Red Hot Cookies

5=Last but not least the far right back is the Cement Shoes and in front of it is Cindy 99

Flipped them over on June 5th let the games begin!

Here’s some pics of some leaf abnormalities



Lots of mutations


June 10th

Some structure shots


June 12th

Right before feed time they looking pretty happy and lush

Temps are 21C and humidity at 55%

Gotta keep tent open next few days during the day as it’s going to get to 30c+ and that makes tent jump up around 24c not where I like to be in flower


Canopy looking fairly flat other then a couple stretching


June 14th
Okay so do you remember way back when I had originally thought that the two Green Crack plants were quite possibly males… Since they had came from regular seeds ,not feminized…Well this is one of those times when I wish I was not right, at least half right ,because it turns out that one was very much a male ,and the other one ,well the other one was female ! So all in all ,here is some shots of the man plant,appropriately placed where it belongs …in the garbage bin outside!

You’ll notice the leaves are wet as upon initial discovery I misted the hell out of him then got him the hell away from my harem. I don’t know where he got off thinking he was allowed to be there, but as far as I can tell crisis dodged!

Now I didn’t find any open sacks, none of them were all stretched out ,they all looked closed and quite possibly full ,so I think I might’ve actually dodged a bullet, I hope i caught this before it did any sort of significant damage!

So I’m gonna try and find some positive in this new found non positive and hope that ; getting rid of that one plant gives me the space that I was wanting and needing to ensure that I don’t develop some form of mould more specifically white powdery mildew or some other form of mould due to overcrowding ,heat mixed with moisture .

The one thing that baffles me about this whole thing is that the plant had pistols ,lots of pistols ,showed zero signs of being a man ,there was no balls ,there is no nanners ,there is no sign what so ever ,but I had a feeling from the start and it turns out that I was right !
So I am not really upset about the finding ,I am a little worried ,and do have my fingers crossed ,eyes will be watching for all possible early signs of a plants going hermaphrodite on me!


June 16th

So been real busy with work ,had the son‘s graduation yesterday ,so needless to say ,a guys been busy . With busy comes neglect ,and I missed a feed yesterday ,let’s just say that some of these ladies…. we’re not even a little bit impressed with me missing the feeding ,they did not care what excuses I was giving they were unacceptable

As you can see they’re all droopy ,not perky at all ,not impressed one bit ,I apologized for over an hour after I fed them …they still haven’t responded well ,no perk still! Couple hours I will have another peek ,I’ll take some more pictures and we’ll see what we got ,picky little b#$&hes!