Koscheal lights

We have two Koscheal 2000 watt lights in a 4x4 tent with four plants in it. Is this too much light and what heights for 2 gal. plants.

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Lol too much light? Bwahahaha

No such thing


@Rickyh1 Welcome to the forum! Tons of knowledge and great people here!!
Although @Mr_Wormwood is correct about the lighting issue, please excuse his brash activity and lack of introduction…lets get you some great advice on the lighting…possibly @dbrn32 the light guru will chime in for a sec!! Happy growing


Are you referring to these

If so theyare notclose to 2000w

Some will say nay and some aye. @Mr_Wormwood is correct. Never too much. I saw a fella who had 8 of those exact lights in a 4X8 and he was wanting more.

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Sorry if I came off as brash, welcome to the community.

I’ve never seen anything here about a problem with too much light

Usually the opposite, so if you have a ton of light all the better

I’m not familiar with the set up you have in general but you are hard pressed to have too much light. Just make sure to have the height set properly to avoid light burn

That like is more like ~240w. In a 4 x 4 16 ft².

800w… u could have 3 of tho and probably still be under proper DLI… thats just a quick laymans way to get what u want.

With normal blurple/low efficiency (normally advertised as “equivalent to big warrs” lighting. You want 50 watts per ft ².

With high efficiency lights (HLG, EB, Samsung, COBS, quantum boards etc) its closer to 30-35 watts.

You are closer to 15 watts per square foot. Which will grow weed. Possibly dank weed. But not as dense bud nuggs as we see around here.

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No specs anywhere in user manual. Amazon advertises it with chip scale of 596 Samsung diodes. Went to Koscheal website and it takes you back to Amazon. Assuming that these aren’t too much for our four plants, how far from the plants should the lights be for each stage of the cannabis?

Definitely not too much light. You could probably get by with them, depends on what your expectations for harvest weight are.

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It’s better to think of lights in terms of the area they can cover, not the number of plants. Your two lamps alone won’t cover 4’x4’, but that’s okay. Try to keep the plants close together in a corner. Hang the lights about 18” over the tops of the plants.

If your plants get too large to fit under the lights, buy more lights. I advise that you come back here for options in your price range when you’re ready.


Beat me to it. Thanks my dude


Thanks for the information everyone. We are trying to get by on this grow with these lights but will be changing as soon as we can afford it.

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They’ll get the job done. And yup try to maximize your good space. Most plants take up a 2x2 pretty easily by harvest. So maybe flip them sooner and try to train them to fit into their specific area

I grew this with just one light

What is the strain? She looks like she coulda used more light intensity tbh. That node spacing leaves something to be desired. That top cola is sexy tho. Well grown my friend.