Kombucha Brewing, Harvesting, & Flavoring

Bottle Conditioning

So once you’ve decided on flavor you need to let the bottles sit at about room temp to allow a second ferment to occur, creating carbonation and developing the flavor profile for anywhere from 3-4 days to as long as you like before it turns to vinegar. I usually test at room temp after 4-5 days. You can also check for bulging of the plastic caps. If everything tastes good and the fizz is sufficient it’s time to put them in the fridge. Sometimes chilling them diminishes the carbonation slightly. If I find they’re not fizzy enough, I either leave it out of the fridge for 15-30 minutes prior to opening and pouring or seal it again and return it to room temp to let it condition for another couple of days.

Depending on how much available sugars are present in your flavor and how much you use, the time to achieve the perfect balance of flavor, acidity, and fizz can vary pretty substantially. A booch flavored with fruit juice is going to finish conditioning more quickly than a booch flavored with herbs or diced fresh fruit.

The first batch I tried the glycerin tincture in was fantastic and ready to drink in 4 days, so I’m hoping this batch is the same.


How to grow a SCOBY

I learned from something like this.
It says it’s not recommended but it worked for me in May 2016 when I started mine.
I’m one of those throw caution to the wind one of the most frugal people you’ll ever know.
I see you have a keen interest in self sufficiency an one of the things you learn quickly is that convenience is overrated. Convenience seems to be the most common reason people I speak about self sufficiency with give for why they don’t prepare their own meals or or wash their own laundry. I take it to the next level. We grow a lot of our own food, we make our own laundry soap, We hang clothes out in the sun and air to dry or on a rack by the wood stove. I’ve even prepared meals tightly wrapped in layers of foil under the hood of my VW Golf with the waste engine heat. Being self sufficient is about how many conveniences you’re willing to let go of and manage yourself.


Good stuff, man!

Mango Cannabis 1 Tbs a little more sour than the .5 Tbs version.
Too much sugar in the secondary can turn it sour quicker. I may let one of these go to vinegar just to have a pint of cannabis mango vinegar on hand.

The only thing that bugs me about the tincture flavoring is that it makes it look cloudy instead of sparkling.


I’m so glad I decided to read this…I was thinking “I love my 'bucha but would I really want a Canna-booch?” However this is such a great idea for transferring and bottling and I may just try both your bottling technique and the Canna-booch.
@Willd have you tried water kefir? It tastes very soda like and I bet Canna Kefir would be yummy. (So many great ideas for when my little babies have matured and flowered)