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strong textI like Gold Leaf and remember ordering the seed years ago for my first grow and order G.L whenever I can.I now have a question, please. I have two G.L girls growing. One was ready very early and it’s harvested and processed. This other girl just keeps …not growing so much but is not getting the little yellowish/goldish trichomes yet; lots of the clear ones. Do I just keep caring for it till it gets that color? It’s about 4ft tall and not growing any taller, that I can tell.
(I’ll measure again ). She’s an indoor plant but does go out on good days for some sun. I live in AK and sun is …not so much lately. I don’t mind if it takes forever to see color but I don’t want the buds to go bad. I don’t see brown. Plants were started about 3 months ago. Why the variance in grow time? I guess no plant is exactly the same, depending on conditions etc. Anyway, I’m about to germinate two more plants…Personal use only here, and it’s to help out with cancer treatment side effects…etc.

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Welcome back I have grown several Gold Leafs one of my favorites. Usually two at a time and they’ll finish within a week of each other. I think the genetics are Rock Solid get basically the same type plant every time. Looking at the crystals at the end they don’t get In no hurry showing a little Amber. Also they will still be pushing few white pistols.

strong textThank you for the information, kellydan…maybe one plant was not Gold Leaf?
Anyway…I am glad to know that amber is not in a hurry. Thank YOU!

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Thank you ! if I can be of any help give me a tag !

each seed is a roll of the genetic dice. most same plant seeds will be uniform. But, often there is a slight variance. Sometimes big variance.