Kiwis grow update

heres a small update after 1 month from putting seed in they been 12/12 for neally one week …room is small 500mm x 700mm…3 plants but its just to sex plant to get clones…plants are alittle to big what i wanted for the room, next step will be cloning about 12+ ,and budding them small so alot of top budds will cover all area

;;;here the link from start to now Seeds after in water for 24hrs


i have triplets…im so happy , if you remeber the 3rd plant was small and sick maybe like a ugle duckling things can turn around


hi guys a new update on a small setup started flower on the 3rd march so 27 days


allso when can i turn clone to 12/12 after they rooted as i like to run a test on is it better with 3 med plants or 12 small plants on yeild

12 clone taken 11 and a half growing on a cheap setup… was looking at Propagation Dome and thought why spend so much on a dome…so instead i brought two packs of chocolate chips cookies (buget cookies) and use the two trays one for top and other for bottom and use the set up i had for seedings… clone took 15 days to get roots and been under light for 5 days and pretty much dlb the size…o sorry clones was grown in jiffy pots


51 days so another 2 week and should be ready to give a crop

so for my clones they been flower for just under two weeks


Gosh those are truly beautiful clones! Just admiring my way around the forum!

off those 3 small plants came to 4.5 oz so not to bad

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