KinSEDC's v2.1 Glue Gelato Auto Grow

welcome, little one. i am sorry for bringing you into this world of horrors prematurely.

doing my best to sterilize my tents and recover from the russet mite infestation. this baby will sit on my kitchen counter with limited contact for two weeks. in addition to rubbing alcohol and bleach, i have a space heater on the way and i’m going to nuke the 2x2 that it will be going into. that tent was never used but it’s still in the same room, so will sterilize the best i can.

probably won’t be many pics until this baby gets going. but she was dropped into water 12/3, a day before i knew i had mites. gonna do my best.


I hope your new grow has no problems. :+1:


Happy growing!



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thanks! looking forward to some happier times, that’s for sure :+1:

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Sorry to hear about the mite issue man, I hope the rest of the grow goes without a hitch.
Will you be growing other strains or just this lucky lady?

Best of luck w your new gal dude :v:
Set to watching… :popcorn: :beers:


thanks, Mote!

for this journal it’ll just be this one. probably. lol. things have a habit of getting out of control fast. i have more seeds but i don’t want to rush into things. these russet mites are the absolute devil and i’m taking time to research a little more before i drop anything else. i think the tents should probably sit for a good 2-3 weeks, too. it’s super scary. i think i’m even going to throw out the three snake plants that i’ve had since i bought my house. just makes me sad.


Here’s to healthy grows ahead :metal::beers:


I could only imagine, that is super scary stuff, yeah take all precautionary measures, best to be on the safe side, too much at stake.
The snake plants, that’s tough, is there anything you can spray on them to kill off any critters that might be in there, the mites sound pretty insidious.

:grin: Yes, yes they do, especially w these gals.

(I dont know how I’m running out of likes, I just got on here LOL.)


they are insidious or i wouldn’t even consider tossing them. i wanted to fight these things and had to throw out all three of my tents. i was and am sad, but also felt some relief knowing it was the right thing to do. so… thinking these plants gotta go. yeah there are things you can spray but they are resistant to so much stuff. also thinking i could throw them in the heated tent too. but then if they have mites i risk putting them back into the tents again if the heat doesn’t catch em all… it’s a vicious cycle.


Vicious cycle indeed, any idea how they got into your tents? Also sorry to hear that you had to get rid of the tents but if they’re as bad as you say and I dont doubt it, it was the right choice.
I had a spider plant I’ve had since 1999 and left it outside all summer, brought it in recently but most of it had died cept for 1 shoot. so I figured I’d bring it in, water her and put her in my germination heated mat thing
(there were no sprouts of clones in it) . I went to put it in, but when I looked at the soil saw some critters going in & out of the soil, got her ass out of there right away! Cleaned the contraption & let it sit empty & dry for a few days, just in case.

BTW: I have been using SLF 100 just as a precautionary measure against these things and so far thank God nothing’s happened. Fanoman turned me onto it, look it up, might be something to consider.
I use 1 tsp once a week or so, it has other great benefits, that’s just one of em :wink:

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I’m wondering if shutting off your ventilation for a bit, then flooding your tents with Co2 or something, might suffocate the bugs. I mean something like 90F in your tent with enough Co2 to knock out a human. Is that dangerous? :rofl:

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Or, chloraform your tents, again. Deliberately, this time.


thanks ill look it up. i’m definately going to be taking preventive measures on schedule from now on. this taught me a lesson i honestly would have learned eventually due to some sloppy, sloppy ways.

i brought in a clone from a friend. and he had brought a plant inside from outdoors. his whole grow is terribly infected. had i known what to look for i’d have picked up on it before these clones ever made through my front door. but live and learn.

yeah good to get her out. it’s sad, but what you gonna do. outside needs to stay outside. i know others do it successfully but for me… never again.


I’ve always said that once you’ve had an infestation you will always be prone to it and just treat as if you were infested. This is what I do because it’s essentially impossible for me to isolate my grow space from the outside world. Brush up against an infected plant in the yard then go trim your cannabis plant and guess what? Infected.


yeah this terrifies me. and i composted my leaves before i knew i had a problem so there’s big pile of plague in my yard that i don’t know what to do with yet.

and i have a dog.

so. if i can hack it, there will be frequent baths and sprays.


That is so true! these things are almost microscopic and unless you have a decontamination chamber for yourself you never know what the hell you’re bringing in.
I had some beautiful clones this summer, was going to bring them in but thought better of it.
It was a slaghter :pensive: but no outside shite coming in!


it’s a good thought. i don’t know enough about Co2 delivery methods. myfriendis had suggested garbage bags over teh plants with dry ice, but that’s a small space. not sure how i’d do it with tents. but i’m open. this space heater should be able to get things above 125. so that in theory should also help. it’s that 1% it may not get that is scary.

My normal practice here in SoCal is to run my plants indoors but take them out on sunny days because sunlight (so far) is still free. As a result; my plants get exposed to mites, aphids, moths, butterflies, WPM etc. and I just treat prophylactically because of it.


that’s a given. there will be a few cycles of death before this is over! but i’ll probably just stick to the alcohol this time :slight_smile: