KINGPLUS 2000W for a 4x4 grow tent

Would this be a good light for or too much for a 4x4 vivosun grow tent with a 4inch fan and carbon filter?

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Welcome to ilgm @EmilThePhotoGuy ! Let’s see if we can help you. Do you have a link to the light on Amazon so we can see the specs?

Ok I found it.

King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w LEDs)

See the second bulletin point where is says 380 watts of power? If it’s only consuming that much it can only put out that much. In reality it’s only putting out 80% of that. About 20% of what it consumes is used by the fan and heat loss. I’m not saying it’s a bad light because I dont know for sure. I just want you to be aware that how they advertise those lights is not exactly truthful. If your not opposed to building your own, very simple to do really. There are several people that could walk you thru a diy build.You could certainly get more bang for your buck.

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The wall draw shows 380 watts
You’ll need more for a 4x4 space if you plan on filling it up.
This light may be good for half of that.
If you haven’t purchased anything yet take a look here many threads discussing lighting and plenty of people buying those type of lights from Amazon only to spend more for better ones and those end up on the shelf or for a second tent for vegetative stage etc.


I fell for the same scheme. It would be a good vegetation light but you would want a better one.

I was recommended to use quantum boards and you can build it yourself. I even bet you could build it for a little less than the price of that light

I am now going to build my own based on some info I have received from a few guys on here.

Here is the link to the topic I was guided to


That light is underpowered for a 4x4. I wouldn’t even use that for veg. It’s disturbing that manufacturers are so loose with their wattage equivalents. Quantum boards are the way to go. Yes they can/will be more in price, but you will not be disappointed. I speak from direct blurple to QB upgrade experience. (‘Will my blurple work’ is probably the number one most asked question on this entire site…that and ‘why are my leaves turning yellow’)


Here is side by side. Blurple light vs a quantum board.

Bridgelux and Cree are also really good for a DIY build…

Samsung is great but there are options :metal:


I have a king plus 2000w I’ll sell for half price if this is the one you want to go with. Only used for half of one grow. It’s currently the worlds largest paperweight for me :slight_smile: I’d go with what other users above posted they’re spot on

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I’d buy it for half price

Not going to work for flower mh,hps lights blow that away
2 600w hps mh lights work great for 4x4x6 grow tent
My friend runs 6 288qb in the same then with great results
The light would be cool for veg and seedlings thought. I got taken in by deceptive advertising for leds before too and went digital mh,hps lights

My very first light was a KingLED. They use Epistar led’s. They are not terrible led’s but also not top BIN. King has a nice spectrum and they publish test results. Most Chinese blurples don’t. Mine is a “1200 watt” but only draws 245 from the wall. It is “ok” for a 2x2… not really efficient. They under power the board… major.

I grew a White Widow Autoflower in a 2x4 tent and got a little over 200 grams… a lot of larfy grade B buds… Oh, that was with two of those lights… not that good :slightly_frowning_face:

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Better off getting 2 260w xls qbs for a 4x4 be perfect for it


Two QB’s are good. One per 2x4 section :+1:t2:

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Yup that’s what I had then I built rooms that are bigger then the lighting I have but I keep adding more when I can

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The other issue is footprint which I didn’t see addressed. To get full canopy coverage you have to be 24" away with this light when a QB can literally be slammed down on top of the plant. Which means you can turn it down and get same results as further away except your lighting bill goes down.

This is the other factor with buying cheap LED fixtures: you keep paying.


The verdict is in …you should buy QBs. I know nothing of King lights but I have blurple and a QB. No comparison really!

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I think that Quantum Boards are out of my price range as a beginner. And DIY is way out of my league. Possibly going to go with the King Plus 3000W for my 4x4 its a bit big so I will have to give it a little extra space between the tops. Unless someone has a better idea for the same $305 price point…

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Most places will assemble the light for a small fee… like $25

The “3000 watt” King is actually more like 400. They use 10watt leds and under power them. If they ran full power, you would have 3000 watts, and a fire …

I really think you could get a good, assembled, kit for a little more than your budget… I really don’t want you wasting your money… I know for a fact what those units do… I am looking at one…

Don’t let DIY scare you. It is more of a kit, like buying a fancy vacuum and having to assemble when you first get it.

California Light Works is also a great choice for plug and play… check ‘em out :+1:t2:

@EmilThePhotoGuy , I just paid $386 for an HLG qb 260w. It vegs.a 4x4, flowers a3x3. Strategic plant placement will get you a nice crop.