Kingbrite lights

There is no hope that 301h is better than lm301b lol. Your hope is that you got a high flux bin and low voltage bin. A high flux bin 301b will crush a low flux bin 301h. Other than binning the only difference is that one data sheet in photometric output and the other provides info in radiometric output.


Do u have any relevant material or something on this whole bin business. Like what exactly is a bin. How do you tell or know. Or should I just start googling away haha

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Its on their data sheets

Hmmm…top bin, this bin, that bin…Maybe the novice in me but I guessed that it was like top shelf vs bottom shelf liquor…but for diodes… lol. However…I do wonder if they charge a premium for selling reverse polarity waterproof connections along with these top bin diodes? Yep…glad I didn’t burn them out…better yet the house down. UPS had a mechanical delay on the way in so I get my package in a day late…no problem…just postponed the excitement a bit…set up was a breeze (or was it?)…plug it in…uhhhhhhh…uhhhhhh… uhhhhh.
…nothing…after checking the connections and all seemed well I broke out my 4 dollar HF voltmeter. Started at the wall and moved my way to the wired connections at the pcb…Thats where I noticed the issue. Swapped wires and plugged it in. WOW talk about BRIGHT. Definitely gonna to share this with em…at this point I’m second guessing going with Kingbrite on the next one. Will see how it performs…hopefully it didn’t damage any components.

My hope was that the 301H diodes have been selected to be 301H due to the high flux bin and low voltage bin. I was thinking they were marketed differently due to being selected for compatibility with horticulture. If they just come off the same assembly line and they just haphazardly assign some to be 301B and some 301H that’s just dumb, or misleading marketing. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. I just made a small bet that there is some real reason they have added the 301H product descriptor for any reason other than misleading customers.

I understand, that just isn’t the case.

Now you are catching on. The problem is with your board manufacturer though, not with Samsung. All Samsung really did was provide the information in horticulture specifications instead of/in addition to the standard.

I get what you are saying, but the lamp I bought is supposed to be a knock-off of the HLG light. HLG also advertises the 301H rather than the 301B, so I paid the extra $10 per light.

I suppose HLG could be running the same misinformation campaign to make people think their diodes are superior to their competitors who use the 301B.

I know HLG also makes top bin promises that Kingbrite does not make, but they could choose to make that promise on the 301B or 301H if they are completely identical, and they chose to make it on the 301H.

What’s done is done, and it raised my overall price by $60 on a $1000 purchase, I guess if I ever buy more I can reconsider the choice.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure Stephen in on the record acknowledging there is no difference. I’m sure if anything they use to counter misinformation put out into the industry by others. If some think the lm301h is better, then they don’t have to explain to others as to why they don’t use it.

I agree, you have what you have and im sure they will grow weed.