Kingbo LED Grow Light 900 W Full Spectrum 12 Bands 5W



Do you think the Kingbo LED Grow Light 900 W Full Spectrum 12 Bands 5W is a good choice for 1 plant?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes. Depends on how long you wanna veg that one plant I suppose but yes.


@pony yes, @Bogleg has a point, if you veg past the normal length of time, you’ll have a monster plant that will need more light. You should be fine. Happy growing.


Make sure you put it in a small tent or chamber, like 32" x 32", and you should be fine for flowering. You can make your own reflective chamber walls out of flat white painted cardboard. If you use a bigger tent, the light spreads out more and at some point gets too weak.


Ok. Thank you for that information.


Is a light with veg and bloom switches needed to grow plants through all stages, or is the new technology 2000w led with 10w diodes ok with just an on off switch? They claim to represent the similarity of the sun. Would the Higrow 2000w Double chips Full Spectrum LED grow light be a better choice than the Kingbo 900w? And would it work for all stages of thew growing process?


400 watts versus 360: Only about 10% stronger lighting. Not much difference. A flowering switch just turns on more red LEDs. If they were on from the start it probably would not hurt anything. I read one paper about using PAR meters with monochromatic LEDs that claimed the amount of light was more important than the spectrum. Which suggests you might want to leave the flower switch on all the time. The Higrow lamp will use 10% more electricity.

I really wish Amazon would make these folks stop fraudulently claiming 1000 watts or 2000 watts when they really are 400 watts or whatever drawn from the wall. If they want to claim their lamp is more efficient than others, they should list the PAR rating or at least lumens and color temperature.


Thank you for that info. I think I will get the Higrow light.