Kingbo 300 is it a good light?

Germinating seeds now and bought a Kingbo 300 full spectrum led and wondered if anyone here has reviews for this light?

I don’t but where did you buy it? Can you screenshot and post that? @dbrn32 can probably check it out for you. @GenZog

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Sure here you go. Its very bright

It looks comparable to the other lights of its size price point.

Something that seems to be a little different, a lot of the models this size don’t come with the veg/flower switches and it doesn’t look like they are charging any more for it. It’s advertised at having 2’x2’ coverage at 24”. The par levels seemed at little low at that height, so I would expect to run more like a 16-18” height when flowering. Which will shrink that effective footprint a little. But not really any different from other lights it would compete with. Light spectrum looks to be very similar to the meizhi, which is very popular here.

Hopefully that helps!


Thanks @dbrn32 It looked reasonable to me too. But I’ve got a lot to learn!


We all do. I’ve learned a lot from you, @Donaldj, and @Countryboyjvd1971 especially. And way too many more to list! So I’m happy to add any input that may be valuable.

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Hello, I’m looking at the Kingbo LED grow light 900w full spectrum 12 bands 5w. Would this be a good choice for 1 or 2 plants?

@bob31 @pony I commented on the original post you made already. Please don’t cross post, or repost. Thanks!

thanks @Covertgrower

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oops, sorry