King Led question - veg and bloom lights

I have a King Led plus 1500w double chips light for a few plants i just put into flower. i just realized both the veg and bloom lights can be on at the same time. am i supposed to have both on same time or switch over to just the bloom light and turn off the veg? i can’t find a shred of documentation online.

Both on

From Amazon…


what the heck, i couldn’t find this anywhere lol . many thanks.

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Nice display of the light color, @Spiney_norman I also vote both.


Both On. Even in Veg. I have 5 of those skippers.


i feel stupid lol. i turned em both on a few days into flip. i’m about to trash my plants though. this light is never gonna get a full test. i just ordered another full spectrum to replace it because it runs so hot. i’ll have to check out your grow- don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone’s full grow using them.

I use them all the way over 2lb 2 plants

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wow those things must’ve been beasts!

Wait, what? Why the whole time? How does that now screw things up?

New here. I have one plant in a 10-gallon fabric pot. Bottom 1/3 is Nature’s Living Soil and the remainder is filled with FFOF and worm castings from my worm bin. I put her outside in daytime and bring her in to the workshop in the garage at night. I have two shitty Feit Electric LED lights (PAR38) that I use inside. Her canopy is 39” x 36” from above and height from soil is ~30”-36”. I am going to flip her in 2-3 weeks and need a recommendation for an adequate light (preferably LED) that will flower a plant of this size. I will use the 2 lights I am using now as side lighting for better penetration. I am trying to find a light for around $100, but may be able to go $120. Any suggestions? I feel lost with all the blurple and shoddy Chinese workmanship out there, especially for my budget. I just figured one plant could be flowered for $100-120, especially if I use the other two bulbs for additionally auxiliary lighting. Thanks everyone and happy growing!


once folks are ready for an upgrade from the blurples they graduate to something like the HLG quantum boards, but those start at $200 for a light to cover a 2x2. i’ve seen a few people use spyderfarms which are a tad cheaper.

have you had experience bringing your plants in and out before? just be really careful about introducing bugs into your grow area if you have indoor plants

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Thanks a heap brother. No…this is my first hybrid indoor/outdoor grow, but I am being especially careful about pests. Have taken many precautions and a couple treatments, as well as being very selective about where she stays when outdoors. So I guess a $125 blurple would be better than 3 of the lights I posted pics of? I’ll post again to be sure you can see what I’m working with. I have two of these and 3 more would be 5. I figure the penetration would be excellent with that setup, but maybe the strength and quality of light may not be optimal? Also…I would be flowering outside when Mother Nature allows, but Georgia is pretty cloudy in late summer/early fall. Still…I will have many good days outdoors, but I need something I can count on to get me to harvest.

*** On a totally different subject (tell me if I need to repost in a different forum), I will be using FF nutes to flower. I know they’re not the preferred way to go, but I got a deal on the Dirty Dozen (have really only used Big Bloom, Kangaroots, Microbe Brew, Sledgehammer, Flowers Kiss (foliar spray), & a little Grow Big). Also Cal-Mag+. I have the soluble flowering nutes (Cha-Ching, Beastie Bloomz, & Open Sesame) and want to use, but have heard some horror stories. I think I would use at 1/4-1/3 strength and flush with plain pH’d water 2 or 3 times during flowering. If anyone with ANY experience at all with these nutes can PLEASE give me any guidance at all, I would really appreciate it :pray:t3:

@KinSEDC : Thanks for taking the time to respond man :call_me_hand:t3:

Hey. I really don’t know how to read into any of these specs but honestly would never occur to me to use what you posted and my guess is some of the blurples would be better. that’s not a small plant, so if it was in my tent, I’d probably have it under at least a 260W light. Those look like 30w? and you gotta dig into the specs and see what these lights actually pull from the wall. most of these blurples just make stuff up and say 1000w and whatever. I don’t know enough to dig into spectrum/wavelengths or efficiency, i just know that a crappy light will make for a crappy harvest. if you’re just growing for yourself and you’re happy with what you get, then go for it. once/if you get into growing more you’ll be pushing yourself to do better and will be looking for a full spectrum light. light is everything.

i never actually flowered anything under this light that i posted. I used it for veg and then ended up upgrading for flower and haven’t turned it on since.

as far as the nutes go, you can start your own topic. probably under the basic grow section. a huge % of people on here use FF and can help you.

how did this work out?

I’m about to try to flower 4 that were stunted by pests, the tallest has started to bud the other 3 are at least 4 weeks and a good 7 to 8 inches smaller in height.

So my canopy isn’t consistent and my lights are of the cheaper end but I the correct amount or watts, ohms, lumens etc according to some digging and discussing.

@Ss2442 Don’t know yet! :laughing: She went through a HARD defoliation and a follow-up to get the rest. I pinched all the leaves that were shading more productive sites as well. Since she was in a SMALL bit of shock, I fed her with Flowers Kiss foliar spray. I was VERY careful not to damage the growth at the junction of the petiole and the branch. I left a small amount of petiole just to be cautious. Didn’t want to damage a preflower and cause it to freak out on me. If she recovers fully by tomorrow morning, she will get her first taste of 12 hrs of darkness Sunday evening. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Best of luck :+1:

@Ss2442 Thanks :pray:t3: