Kinetin - Cytokinin


Has anybody used 6-KT Kinetin Furfurylaminopurine 99% 25g natural Cytokinin in any of their grows?
There appears to be some great results using this product in the tomato and avocado commercial industry and was wondering about how it will go with my ladies.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve never heard of it. Can you please post a link , pic


Sorry about the late reply,
I was trawling through the net the other day for hours reading research documents regarding Cytokinin and its effect on cell division in plants. I cannot locate some of the articles I viewed however here are some below:



I have found some people using this product on Cannabis. It appears to be a foliar spray used in fruiting tomatoes that they are getting from their local nursery.


I don’t know, don’t really like it after reading the articles. It’s a folier spray, and that’s not good for the flower stage after weeks 3-4 ish. Maybe in veg? I’ll stay tuned if your gonna try. But that’s it for me.


@Donaldj corrected the issue! Thanks!


I edited your post I understand there is merit in this topic as I have done some homework on PGR’s but you can’t post links to other forums or seed banks on this site which is paid for by our sponsors


My apologies, I should of thought that through before attaching the links.
Thank you for correcting my post.


no worries and no harm done. @DankWW