Kinda worried about the babies

So I’m a awaiting my 4x8 grow tent and full spectrum led hopefully Monday. Plants are a little sad pH is at about 7.

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Yes; they are damping off from over watering. The soil should have a tiny wet spot at best. It would be better if they were under a dome and simply mist the inside of the dome a couple of times per day with distilled water. Water with distilled as well when the tap root establishes itself.

The plants are stretching which is indicative of too little light. Whatever you are using if you can bring it down closer it would help. The thin stems can be supported gently with a pipe cleaner or popsicle stick. Once they are under the proper lighting you can bury the stem.

If you don’t have one yet I strongly recommend you purchase a decent PH meter. Using strips or drops is not accurate. Those 3 way meters are worthless.

This meter is popular (I have one) and it comes with calibration solution. Don’t forget to acquire some PH up and down as well. Plants in soil need nothing in the way of nutrients FYI.


Once again @Myfriendis410 your spot on
@ravenheart1980 youve gotten good info

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So if I have them in potting soil I shouldn’t use a nutrient water?

Not until those 2 round feeder leaves die. You should have 4 or 5 sets of leaves before you should need to feed. And I’m thinking these are autos correct? You really need to be easy on the nutrients once they are ready for them, autos are very sensitive and will burn easily


Yes they are auto. I was using Bergman nutrients but they are in soil so I’ll just do straight bottled water.

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That’s the best policy. Watch the overall plant’s condition and if issues develop you can address them then. I would not give nutrients to a cannabis plant in good soil until flower.

It is also a good idea to stay away from any soils that say anything on the package like “needs no feeding for six months” or “moisture control”. That’s a red flag to see what has been added. You want things like worm castings and bat guano. You don’t want harsh fertilizers because you will definitely taste it in the finished bud: harsh and rough.

They are way to little for nutrients of any kind, the soil won’t need fed if it has nutrients in it until around week 4 or 5 except kind soil they claim to have enough for all the way through. So yes you will eventually have to feed her. The very first leaves (the 2 little round ones) have enough nutrients in them for the plant to make it out of the seedling stage, then you will start feeding it your nutrients. All @Myfriendis410 meant was until those leaves yellow and die you just need to use bottled water and your first couple of times watering your pot, after that you can start nutrients but with autos I would only start with 25% strength or risk burning them up

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Thanks guys. Really appreciate it!!

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No problem. Anytime

Looks like you’re in good hands. I’m just stopping by to say welcome! You’re off to a good start.

Thank you!