Kinda Wingin It

Well got have a AH auto and WWxCM auto started in coco. Have been gettin sunlight daily since being Put in pot 9/11/20. Looks pretty good so far though AH appearing much better than WWXCM. Light ordered from budgetLED series 3 full spec 130 watt dimmable(def need more info just thought it was a pretty good light) and gorilla shorty tent on the way due to weather changing. Also planning on starting FF trio once they arrive for nutes. Have one bag seed plant started 8/23/20 that has just began sprouting white hairs with preflowers. At this point I feel like I had done pretty well without knowing what Iā€™m doing exactly. Have also being trying to keep track of pH, EC, TDS, to follow science of plants. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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