Kinda Scrog grow


@ktreez420 this is the girl that I was asking about. She is 5 weeks old and in flower 18/6 for a week. Also an auto. This one I’m not to worried about, just maybe thinning. I’m trying to get read for c99 to come in here when these are done. With that grow I’m going to be asking a ton.

This is the c99 all bent over and strapped down opening up her belly.

Here are a crop circle and ak-49 both autos that’ll stay here while Cindy is flowering.

Good times are here



This is last night and you can see how I strapped down 2 to open up center. These are the little ones that I don’t know what to do with. In the pic above you can see that they get covered up


Looks great my man! And yea I totally recommend tying those branches down so the inside chutes get more light, it will allow them to grow straight up into the SCROG and become big colas instead of popcorn buds.

SCROG is awesome! And I’m curious, what genetics make up the C99? Is it an auto too, or just the AK-49 and Crop Circle are autos?

And yea dude you can always ask me anything, and there’s a ton of other reliable guys on here too that can help as well! Regardless, we got your back whenever you need! Good vibes all day, always! :v:


Cinderella 99 by g13 photoperiod
Crop circle and ak-49 are autos.
I chopped

Also I’m already thinking a bigger flower area/tent. What height is a good height for one? I want to flower 2-4 plants. I need to start saving


Well when determining what tent size you’ll need there’s a few things to take into account before purchasing.

  1. How much height CAN you use? Meaning, if you have 6’ ceilings, then you would want a 6’ tent, but probably one a little under 6’ I’m not sure. Just measure and you’ll be sure! If you have 10’ ceilings, I DEFINITELY recommend getting a tent that is at least 7-8’. Why? Because you can always use rope, ratchet straps, whatever, to lower the lights down if needed. But if you buy a 6’ tent and your plants grow to be 5’ they will hit the lights hanging from the top of your tent. More space can always be used and maintained. You can’t just ADD space to a smaller tent though!

  2. How many do you plan on flowering at a time? You said 2-4. For me, in my 5’x5’x6.5’ I can just fit 2 flowering plants. Mind you, my plants are massive and don’t necessarily need to be that big. Again, extra space is nice to work with your plants, move them around, water them, etc.

Depending on that, you’ll figure out number 3. How wide of a tent do you want?

Then, there’s little things, like how many zippers you need/want? I personally built my own tent and only gave it one main zipper. Definitely something I would change if I had made the tent now! More the better in my opinion.

Hope this helps! Anything else just ask away. :v:


This is why I ask. Never thought of space for light. Height not issue closet has 12 foot celiling. That size would fit.
Thank you.


What size tent are you looking at? I’m just curious


I don’t know. Thinking of of using half of my closet 6x3x12 feet, but not the 12 maybe 7 tall. I have a 2x2x4 veg box, so this would be area for flower. I’m not sue of 6 wide. I don’t want a lot, just easier than an old dresses.

Better yet what would you do? This is going to be a slowly collect the stuff.


Ok I’ll give my opinion. What is the size of the whole closet, just wondering?


Me personally I like the Gorilla grow tents. You can add 1’ extensions if you find you need more vertical height. Their a little on the pricey side but very well constructed and much thicker material then any others I’ve seen .Best of all they are 100% light tight . An other nice feature is the have two viewing windows so you can check on your grow without disturbing your lady’s.


5x6x12 it’s 5’10"


Cool. I’ll check them out


I would get the tallest you can find that will fit. You will never have too much overhead space.


That was kinda my thoughts.


Update on this grow. Plants were getting light burn, yea that’s right with clf’s, so I raised my box up 14 inches. Also look closely in the back and you can see one getting sucked into cooling system.

Here is the lights. I had to run a strip on ac tape to stop the 100,000+ lumens kicking out at center.
So here is the box raised. More room for now. One day a tent