Kinda feel like Google raped me


So for no particular reason, I decided to do a Google image search… “ilovegrowingmarijuana dingle berry” and 29 pictures of my grow popped up. Not too excited about that. I figured that for security reasons, ilovegrowingmarijuana wouldn’t allow Google to be able to dig into the forums pictures. Can someone please bring me to ease over this situation?
I really enjoy the site and the people here, but don’t want any trouble either. Is there anything that can be done on the techs end to block Google from being able to freely invade our privacy so easily?


There’s no such thing as privacy on a forum. People don’t even need to login to see it all. That’s why there’s no pics of me on here lol.


I try and tell my friend’s that’s my plant when they see it on the internet and they don’t ever believe me :clown_face:


if u think thats disturbing type ilovegrowingmarijuana and your forum name, everything you ever posted will pop up


Its a public forum… ON the internet. On that fact alone you should know…

As a matter of fact. How do you think they got so many members? Word of mouth or google?


I suggest running a VPN like NORD combined with Duck-Duck-Go search engine. Get away from chrome browser use BRAVE instead. All other social media platforms are backdoor spying algorithms not to mention any Pentium chips that dont have the latest patch are exposed to DS Malware. Best to not operate any Windows OS past 7 as they also are exposed. Linux OS is the most secure. Any other security questions?


I’ll second the duck- duck-go and use the VPN. Two of the best ways to keep your online stuff away from real life. I haven’t used brave I’ll need to look at that one.

Also don’t save passwords on your phone. If you ever get pinched and they look through your phone you’d be giving them all the proof they need.


Blah! 17 hrs til likes come back… fml


Yeah another anomaly is that Amazon does not work with the VPN as they are also spying on you. Dont forget to tape up your camera and mic on your laptop as they can be accessed by many many applications.


On that note I always thought that was BS but I have someone in the military in their cyber warfare part of intelligence and he can open your camera and mic. He did it to us at Christmas. I don’t leave pc on anymore.


well this is true and not only your PC but all wifi enabled smart appliances as well. Thats right your fridge is ratting you out!


If you really want a secure system you can run an external 1028bit elliptically encrypted flash drive. You have to modify the boot sequence to prioritize the flash drive over the hd operating system. This system operates off of TAILS protocol and allows an entire circumvention of the OS. Truly secure. A bit too much for the average person to grasp but this is military grade encryption.


i love it here


Or, move to a legal place.

I thought I saw where the forum software strips location data from pics.


in your estimation what is the difference between legal and lawful?


The tech talk does no good. I use dolphin web browser which is supposed to be safe. As far as moving goes, wherever my kids live is where I live.
Legal and lawful hold the same definition in my opinion.
I highly doubt that the law will research my case because of a few plants. It’s just not worth the time or effort. It’s not enough to sell. So that alone makes me feel at ease. But the fact still remains the same.


yeah i’m thinking of the larger issue of privacy above and beyond cannabis. The fact that your communications, daily life words spoken in “private” no longer exist should give us pause. Its already an established fact that in the public domain there is no reasonable expectation of privacy however in your own secure residence that there is covert spying is an objectionable intereference. There is a difference between legal and lawful. Your substantial rights are lawful. The statutory legal realm involves codes, statues, ordinances, and regulations which are colorable law.


Just remember that every email,text and phone conversation is recorded. Any device with an internet connection and microphone/camera is listening/watching. Unfortunately there is no way around it unless you unplug completely. All you can do is live your life and accept it. It can be very dangerous if abused. I can’t tell you how many times an ad would pop up on my browser after just talking about it.


Hey, guys? Big Brother read everything you just posted.

Hey, Big Brother? :fu:


yeah the best way to :fu:t2: da man is to burn trees :joy: They dont want you to raise your consciousness. Cannabis is the best defense IMO against entrainment attempts a la Operation MK Ultra. kill your TV too!