Kinda bummed I can't post :(

Yes, I agree that it is a good thing to control the bots. My suggestion would be that ILGM make it more obvious that this is the reason why you can’t post. Maybe I missed it, but I thought there was something wrong with the system. I spent a half hour trying to figure out how to make a post. Anyway, water under the bridge. I can post now and I feel much more optimistic!


I understand and I am able to post now. Thank you for the reply!


LOL :grin: Believe me, it took a while for me to understand how everything works. I’m still learning little things about how forum is set up. :+1:


Glad ya stuck around :metal: a endless wealth of knowledge and respect around here. I dig in that search bar above and just get lost on a subject :+1:

Thank you so much for this. I was going crazy and I’ve tried mobile, desktop, and three browsers.

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Just doing a reply in the hopes it’ll let me post sooner. I’ve been reading on here for months but just made an account as I just starting growing and running into questions. Hopefully I can create a topic soon. I need to know if this white looking mold stuff on the soil is ok and why this leaf looks weird. Jiffy Pod. Put seeds in water 8 days ago. Put seed in soil 5 days ago, seedling sprouted 2 days ago. Temp 65-75 and RH ranges from 50-80. There was some times where the humidity was ariund 80 when the temps were around 65. Worried that may be what caused the white mold looking stuff on the soil