Kinda bummed I can't post :(


Just finding it a bummer that I can only post so much when a new member :frowning: I’m trying to add photos and more replies but it won’t let me :frowning: Anyone know what status I need to be for that to be lifted?


are you posting from phone or computer?
ohh,yea…i remember the frustration starting out learning how things work here on ilgm forum.


Yes, you are limited at first (I think 3-5 reply) but I don’t know exactly what you want to do.
You can start a thread, like this one and you can ask for help if you needed.


Read, like :heart: as much as you can. The more you read and like the faster you’ll get bumped up in status. Read some journals and just different post. Make comments on posts. Everything you do here will help


First 24 hours. It’s to prevent spammers. You should be able to edit the posts you already created to add more info. @Ozzymomma1


@Ozzymomma1 once you gain. Basic status youll be good to go in the mean time read as much as you can on other threads that should help you gain status as well @bob31 mentioned the main reason fir the limited post allowed when new :+1:
Welcome to the forum