Kind soil pot question

Thanks, I have some SS screens for sheet pans that are about a 1/2" high. I think I will use them. Everything is coming together :smiley:

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Yeah and bummer. I ordered Kind Soil last Friday. Got email Mon shipped. Expected delivery Thurs 28th Yeah!!!

Checked today shipped expected delivery Mon April 1st . Bummer

Pots come today and 4x8 tent tomorrow. I was hoping to have weekend to get set up and plants into Kind soil. At least I can get the tent, lights, fan + filter all set up and plants in as is.

I put the GL and LSD into 5 gal sized pots a couple weeks ago. Do you think I should leave them there and use FF Trio or do you think there would be enough room to put into 7 gal bags with Kind Soil? I would have to order another 25#. I am going to have the BBK-2 Blue Dreams - Cal Dream in the 5 gal kind soil.

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@RAP you can get three pack on amazon .

If you are asking about the Kind Soil it is cheaper to buy through Kind soil. Not sure if there is a 3 pack on Amazon or not. Buying direct from Kind Soil the price per bag is within pennies whether you get 1 bag or 15 bags.

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@SilentHippie how much water should I be giving my seedling? I can see wet spots around plants
Thanks for any help

Depends on the age of your babies. I mist the inside of my starting tray and a couple sprays on the soil until the 3 finger leaves develop. After that, just enough to moisten the soil but not too much to get runoff.

Iam growing autoflowers so they are in my 5 gal root trappers.the babies are almost a week old.i mist my tent but pretty cheap on the water .once wet spot is gone I rewater

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@SilentHippie thanks for response.iam why late on that rock

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