Kind Soil Nutrient Problems

I have a zinc deficiency using Kind Soil. I’ve seen several post from Kind Soil users that had this problem, but they were not diagnosed for correction. So I think this is an important short coming with kind soil.
I contacted kind soil, and they told me I was over watering. Plants are 6 weeks old. I top water 8 cups every 6-7 days in 7 gallon pots. Kind Soil does not have a water schedule. They told me to look up a grow blog and find one. WTH!! Any way, very bad support from Kind soil.

I’ve ordered a water meter, Blue Lab soil PH meter, and cheated zinc iron supplement. I plan to foliar spray, and add to water next watering.

I use filtered city water with PH of 6.3 and let set for 24 hours plus with mixing pump on to get rid of chlorine.

I found this method of watering super soils and like it. Please comment.

Bottom water feed super soil


Great info, that’s what it’s all about, sharing the knowledge, I have ditched my racks thinking the bottom of pot needed air pruning also but after I just put them right into the pan and bottom water I would pour about an inch and half high and in about 10 mins it become bone dry ! then I lift to see how heavy but then when they get bigger and can’t really lift I push on them or twist them and can feel how light they are, if move real easy, then need water, if push on them and move harder, no water. Got a tip to water from bottom and use epsom salt and feed from top. This is great, thx.


I do a combination of watering from the top and bottom. I shoot for a ph of 6.8. The only time I water just from the top is to get a runoff ph to make sure that’s in check. Watering from the top does let you know exactly when the plant has enough water. If I remember correctly my 7 gallon pots were able to drink a gallon to 1 1/2 gallons of water.

It’s normal to have some yellowing of the tops in the veg stage. From what I can see from your plant she looks healthy. Here’s a picture of my current grow a few weeks ago.

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Looks like fast growth to me.

I assume you are using Kind Soil.
Here’s a better picture showing very thin bumped up new growth. Plants are not growing. But they are improving with foliar feed. Clelated zinc, iron supplement has not arrived yet. Soil PH meter will be here Monday. As well as moisture meter with 15 inch probe.

I am using way less water than you. 12 cups first water had over flow. 10 cups 7 days later over flow on one plant, 8 cups 7 days later no over flow. Using filtered city water with PH 6.3. Aired out chlorine with fast moving water. Kind soil said too much water. But won’t say how much to use. PH over flow water 8.3 PH with freshly calibrated Blue Lab water PH pen. Way too high I think. Kind soil no comment.

I believe the Kind soil is the best with the most ingredients, but like anything, I’m going to have to develop my own water schedule. I’m an Electrical Engineer, and know I can solve the problem.

I also think your plants have the beginning of a zinc deficiency which starts in new growth. So keep a good eye on them Here is a link to a good site describing a zinc deficiency with good pictures. Usually attributable to too high soil PH. My plants also have very short nodes. Which is another sign of zinc def. leaves are also splitting at the veins on the outside.

Zinc def

I like your ground over. what are you using?

I wish it was fast growth. Slow to no growth at all.

A cover crop from Redbud company. It has hairy vetch, clover and buckwheat.

Yellowing of leaves is a lack of chlorophyll Usually due to a nute shortage or PH problem. Your PH is perfect.

I’ll be testing the difference between actual soil PH, and run off PH. With Blue Lab soil and water meters. Very interested in results. My Trapper II pots did reabsorb the run off within a few hours. Kind soil said runoff was washing out nutrients though. True, but reabsorbed. Believe OK.

And very common in new growth.

The amount of nutrients lost will be a trace amount. It’s different if it water drains out.

Your leaves do look healthy, and not all shriveled up with ridges between veins, and splitting at the end of veins like mine. Also the yellowing in your leaves does not begin at the petiole and advance to the leaf tip like mine did. Have they gotten greener since the picture was taken?

Good to be comparing concurrent grows.

This is my 8 Hindu Kush plant grow room. Two Kind XL1000 Led lights with 4 Kind side bar lights each for veg and bloom. Also an off site wireless computer controlled Iponic environmental controller.

The yellowing did go away. Nice and green now.

Nice set up you have there. Nice looking plants as well.

My plant completely stalled out once flowering in kind soil. I let her go as long as I could before adding nutrients. Once I supplemented her she started growing again. After harvest I saw that the roots would not grow into the kind soil. When I pulled her from the pot, all of the ocean forest came with her and the kind soil was left behind, untouched

Wow! That is really bad! Curious to know what Kind Soil said about this. Using too much water???

They look great now. Too much or too close light can cause that problem too. My Kind LED’s are at the recommended max of 36 inches. Mine are looking much better, but still foliar spraying with Dyna Grow (chemical) nutes. Really liked the results of the KLN for cloning.

Most she got was 3/4 of a gallon towards the end. That would last her about 4 days. Typically my plants would take 1 1/2 gallons by the end of flower and only last 2-3 days before being dry. But with no roots to drink up the water in the kind soil it was left up to evaporation.

After I saw this I began to bottom feed water, and Chelated zinc. 6 cups bottom feed, 2 cups top feed. One week later On Febuary 22 my plants looked like this.

Bottom fed 8 cups, and 2 cups on top.
On March 2 they looked like this. Wow they have exploded! Zinc def is about gone. Watered 10 cups bottom feed. Turned to bloom.


I am also using Kind Soil to grow out some Sour Diesel clones and White Widows.

I noticed some weird leaf yellowing/crisping on my White Widow seedlings, but it was always lower growth and eventually worked itself out. I just assumed it was the younger plant adjusting to the super soil.

I never had a problem with Kind Soil and the Sour Diesel clones. Although, once the closes were established, they lived in a 1gal FFOF mix for a week until transplanting to 7gal fabric pots 5/8ths full of super soil.

All 4 plants are thriving now. However, this will be my first and last purchase with Kind Soil. I’m not at all content with their inability to respond to e-mails or issue refunds and am currently waiting out a CC dispute after they indicated they would refund an errant order, but months later they never issued the refund.