KIND Soil issue at 4 weeks into flower?

I currently have 2 x Sour Diesel and 2 x White Widow each in 7gal fabric pots.

One White Widow plant is showing signs of a Nitrogen deficiency? Or maybe this is just the normal life-cycle of the plant? Am I overwatering?

The yellowing started to show itself just over a week ago and has slowly spread. I top-dressed with more Kind Soil about 5 days ago.

No nutes and I am watering with dechlorinated tap treated to 6.5-6.8pH

FWIW tomorrow will mark exactly 4 weeks of flowering cycle for this plant.

Am going to say that’s late stage calmag overload. I have 1 of 3 with the same looks. Even though I treated them all the same. Some growers will say you get one sensitive one in a grow of 3 or 4.

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I don’t water with CalMag, but I do water once a week with Epsom Salts :thinking:

Hmmm good call.

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Then again…

Wait for others to reply, am new and just using what little experience I have.

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@kellydans, you around?

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Looks like the potassium issue I had when using kind soil. I ended up having to supplement nutrients. After the grow, it was discovered that the roots refused to grow into the kind soil.

This was the rootball afterwards. The roots occupied all of the ocean forest on top, but didn’t touch the kind soil on the bottom. So once the ocean forest was depleted, she had no food. Still scratching my head as to why.

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One thing I noticed about my Kind Soil, I just assumed it was normal, is that the smell of Amonia was very VERY strong.

But again, I put a 5-pound bag of Kind Soil at the bottom of each 7gal pot – why did this one plant not grow into the Kind Soil but the 3 others did?

Here is the same plant, 10 days ago:

10 days ago closeup. I was fascinated by the double-budlet :slight_smile:


Big change from 10 days ago, there has been a couple of members on here over the last couple months with the kind soil. Personally I haven’t tried it. My first thoughts would be get a run off and check my pH and PPM numbers and adjust if needed. Let’s see if other members who used the soil has suggestions.

That was about the same for me. Ended up having to take a bunch of leaves. It was fine through veg but in flower is where the issue came up. I let it go as long as I could then started supplementing nutrients.


I wonder if I am watering too much and discouraging the roots from searching deeper into the living soil?

@Bobbydigital Do you remember how much you were watering when your plant rootball pulled up so easily?

I’m going to stop watering this plant for a couple days and monitor closely. Maybe this plant needs some tough love.

At the heaviest she was getting 3/4 of a gallon.

I think (hope) I was just overwatering.

I last watered the girls Thursday night and soil is still kinda damp. I was trying to water a little bit every day in an effort to keep the soil constantly wet/damp to the benefit of the living soil microbes etc.

So now it’s Sunday morning and I’m still haven’t watered again. Maybe tonight,…

The other White Widow is starting to show crispy yellows now as well, and I’m noticing a faint bit of yellowing on the Diesel now too.

@MattyBear @Drinkslinger Maybe you guys can chime in?

Just finished 4th week of flower.
Kind Soil, no-till grow in 7 gal fabric pots.

I just picked up a water sensor from my parents house. My guess is they are overwatered? If I stick the water sensor into various areas of the pot I get a high reading of “4” on a 1-4 scale.

I took some leaf pictures. This started on one White Widow plant and is now definitely on both white widow plants, and looks like the Sour Diesel is starting to fall victim?

Very frustrating. What the am I doing wrong!?

Calcium deficiency?

With living soils you want to keep it “moist”. Drying out puts the microbes to sleep and or kills them.


Yeah that what I was thinking (keeping the soil moist) but how in the world do I end up with a calcium deficiency if i’m using a living organic soil that is supposed to be no-till?

Seriously, this combined with Kind Soil failing to refund an order that they agreed to refund (forcing me to dispute a charge) and now this? I think I will rename Kind Soil to “Nevermind” Soil. What a waste.

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What did you top the rest of your soil with?

I’m assuming you’ve only been watering with RO/distilled? Nothing else added, right?

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