KIND Soil Grow. Let's see if it's all they claim

@johnzy81 they referred coco loco or roots organic for the preferred soil

Your plants look great. I am on my second grow with kind soil… not getting the results I am hoping for. Doing northern lights auto…roots organic on top and 4 lb kind on bottom of a 4 gallon smart pot… Two months into grow , plant looks very healthy, but small, in early stages of flowering… pH water in 6 to 6.5 range… did allow a little runoff for some water… hope plants produces better yield then last kind grow… only got 8th out of it… good bud… not much of it… have better yields when I use ff trio… See what will happen… has a long way to go cheer .


I think your yields would be better with feminized seeds, or try to get giant autos or XL Autos. @billybud1232

Yes this is perfectly normal, in a natural grow the leaves will be slowly drained of chlorophyll and sugars as the plant becomes ready for harvest. Any attempt to stop this process will undoubtedly load your weed with toxic fertilizer that you would be actively trying to flush in a chem grow at this point anyway.

Sorry the comment was quite late to the party but thought for the sake of others I’d mention your plants were doing what they were supposed to, good job with that grow.

@Dr.DankThumb420 regular seeds actually have the higher yield on average.

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Right I know they do, but I was suggesting feminized to billybud just for the ease of growing and not having to jump thru hoops to figure out sex and the time that takes as well.
Another option would be to plant a Giant variant or XL Auto strain so the plants don’t stay so small. It’s not always a guarantee your regular feminized autos won’t be a dwarf plant.He said he only got an 8th off an auto from his last kind grow.
Now with a feminized seed he could grow bigger plants without having to sex in pretty much the same time frame of an auto and get wayyyy more bang for his buck and not have to worry about dwarfs… I don’t know the details of his grow
or why he’s growing autos but was just throwing my 2cents in on his low harvest weight. @Covertgrower

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No worries, I respect your point of view. You’re right, feminizes might be a better end result. The only thing I have to add to the dwarfism, (is that PC anymore?) it could’ve been just a phenotype. @Dr.DankThumb420 @billybud1232

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Likewise… but Yes indeed the phenotype caused it or it got stressed ( which isn’t hard at all to do, autos are picky) and flowered much earlier then it should’ve. That’s why I prefer Feminized and Regular Seeds vs Feminized Auto. But the chances are much lower to likely get a dwarf if using XL Auto Seeds or such. @Covertgrower

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What is calyx and what does it do? Also when you use it every feeding time?

Calyx are the scientific name for buds. A single calyx is just one… ‘future seed pod’ but we dont want to pollenate (usualy) so they just swell and swell.


Oh okay I got it now

Says you! I want my plants to produce at least one branch with seed! Not always possible as a decent male is seldom had. But if I have one, there’s gonna be some plant porn going down!


Haha thats why i said usually. Im actually all in on breeding. Usually i pollenate a branch of each female. This time i think ima just pollenate the room n call it a day


Hi All, new to the forum, have read your journal with avid interest @SilentHippie amazing grow! So envious, I can’t get a GL past 4 weeks :sob:
Anyone with knowledge on this subject, please help

@Countryboyjvd1971@Screwauger @FreakyDeekie @dbrn32@AnneBonny @BIGE @Covertgrower@Laurap @Willd.

Where can I get my hands on some kindsoil/supersoil in Australia, without paying $500 postage?.. Please and thank you.


I’m not sure about where to get it, sorry!

Why dont you make a supersoil? Basically the same. Lots of recipes online.

@Enlightened420 making one is probably your best bet, being from AU. Bone meal, blood meal, worm castings should be all found in bulk at one of your stores. People grow tomatoes there too I’m sure… but a slightly different recipe. :wink:


Thanks for help

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Late to the party, as always, oh well,
@SilentHippie, thank you for your efforts and knowledge contributed towards this growing technique I am grateful! Your grow was inspirational!

For anyone in Australia devouring this Journal, as I did, and searching for a similar product, I’ll leave this here, all thanks to my gorgeous wife for finding it.

I am currently using it and love it, so far…