KIND Soil Grow. Let's see if it's all they claim


Just a quick update on my last grow. Harvested 2 Tutankhamun and 1 Northern Lights on New Years. The Tut is a beast but it made me cough pretty good at first but I’m noticing it is smoothing out after a couple month’s cure.
The Northern Lights doesn’t punch you in the face like the Tuts do but it’s really easy to smoke and super relaxing.


All out of likes but following along. @SilentHippie

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I cut a water bottle in half and use that as a dome over my seedlings until the leaves touch sides and top of water bottle


God evening growers! Our Gold Leaf and Blueberry are about a week from sprout and looking good. Misted the seedlings twice a day for the first week. Gave both of them 2 oz. of ph’d water this morning and the soil was still moist this evening. It seemed they were drying out too quickly with just misting. I’m using promix bx as my base this time and it doesn’t seem to hold water as long. My temps are still in the high 60s. I added the other 300w led to help raise the temp but it hasn’t added much heat.

This brings me to my first question. I’m using earth juice crystals to ph my water per the Kind soil instructions. I’m adjusting 1 gallon at a time and it’s holding it’s ph for a few days. I’ve noticed after a couple days, the adjusted water starts to take on a “sour” smell. Almost like it’s going bad. As soon as I noticed, I poured it out and used new water. Not a big deal but I was curious if anyone else has had this issue with the crystals. I’m assuming that since it’s organic, that has something to do with it.


I am really trying to find out all I can about the Kind soil I know it can be only got in America at the moment and shipping costs are massive but very interested in see how it go’s great picks for your test also good luck :v:️. Sorry I’m out off likes.

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Got some likes back lol, I have your thread set to watching if that’s ok @SilentHippie , have you any information on it, or are you going to just let it do what it is exactly supposed to do we hope lol.

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I’m following the instructions given on their website. It seems to me that the cost of the soil is still less than you would spend on nutrients and soil for a normal grow. That said, we’ll have to see if the yields are comparable to a regular grow. If I can get 1/2 lb from 2 plants, I’ll consider it a success. My last grow was my first (FFOF and GH nutrients) yielded almost 1/2 lb from 3 plants. We won’t know for sure until late May, early June though. I’ve been through their instructions a hundred times so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


Good morning growers.
We’re about 2 weeks from sprout and the girls say hi!

Our Blueberry and Gold Leaf are doing well. The GL sprouted a day after the BB and is still trying to catch up.
I’m still trying to figure out this soil. I’m using Promix BX and it’s great but it holds water differently and I’m still getting used to it. Nothing’s wrong with it, it’s just different. With that said, today I think the BB’s roots have hit the KIND soil. She looks like she exploded overnight.
They get 1-2 oz of Ph’d water every other day or so and we’re moving right along.
I’m expecting our gold leaf to start taking off in a day or two once her roots hit the hot soil.

I’m going to try to hold on these starter pots as long as possible and once they move into their 5 gallon fabric pots, I’d like to veg them for at least 6 weeks. I’d actually like to go 8 weeks but I don’t know if the soil can sustain them for that long plus a full flower cycle. I guess we’ll find out together though!

Thanks for joining me and feel free to comment!


This is very interesting. Your girls look good. Im riding along.


I’m am right here with you and I can’t wait to see how things go for you best off luck :v:️.


Looking good. Will be checking in.

Enjoy the ride!


They look good, I dont know enough to consider if they would be able to flower in that soil. @SilentHippie

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According to the manufacturer, the soil has enough amendments to carry them through flower but we’ll see.


Thank you for sharing. This is really interesting grow. If this soil holds up for you through the whole grow that could be a real game-changer for some people. I could see a soil like that being amazing for somebody who has a hard time moving around in their garden or using their hands, etc. Could eliminate mixing nutrients all together for them?.. Or maybe it’s perfect for the more laid-back grower? Maybe they just want to plant it, water it ,and let it go.
Thanks for taking the time to do this. The post is a great read. Have a nice morning


Good morning folks. We’re about 3 weeks from sprout and the girls are loving the layered soil. Just a quick recap.
This is a water only grow. There is a layer of Kind Soil in the bottom of the seedling pots, topped off with ProMix Bx. Also when I transplant, there will be a premeasured bag of Kind Soil in the bottom of my 5 gallon fabric pots topped off with ProMix. All the details/ instructions are on the Kind Soil website. If anyone has any questions, I’m pretty well read on the instructions, so ask away. :nerd_face:

Our Gold Leaf is doing well and starting to take off. She’s grown 1/4" in less than a week. She looks a little small compared to the blueberry but she also sprouted a day after her and I’m sure she’ll catch up.

The blueberry is really taking off! She seems noticeably bigger every time I look at her and seems to really love the soil.

I gave them their first real watering on Sunday. Since I’m only using ph’d water and no added nutrients, it’s not suggested to water to runoff. I just watered until a little water dripped out of the bottom. This morning, the soil was still pretty wet and I anticipate not needing to water again for at least a couple days. The Promix seems to hold water differently than the FFOF I used on the last grow. So far, everything seems to be in order and the plants are definitely growing with no issues.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.


They look nice! I haven’t grown in the promix yet, but not surprised it holds water differently. It definitely seems a little more fluffy than dirt.


Theyre looking really good.


It is really light and fluffy. I’m hoping that since it is so airy that it still lets enough air into the soil. I’m assuming that’s the advantage?


looking great @SilentHippie


I was thinking the exact same thing @SilentHippie

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