KIND Soil Grow. Let's see if it's all they claim



To all that are following, thanks for participating in this experiment and stay tuned.

When I opened the tent this morning, these girls have gone into overdrive! Trichome production is exploding and the buds on both plants are really bulking up.
No pics til Monday so you guys are just gonna have to check back in.


I’m looking forward to Monday. :+1:


It’s a date :+1:t3:


Good morning growers! Week 6 of flower in our Kind Soil grow. As I said last week, the girls are bulking up!

Our plants have used up the nutrients in the soil and are yellowing more and more each day.

Blueberry fem from ILGM (July BOM entry):crossed_fingers:

Pistil production has slowed way down.

Gold Leaf fem from ILGM

She’s still firing pistils but also slowing down.

They got water yesterday. They went another 6 days between watering so this is telling me they are getting done. They still may go 2 more weeks though.
I’m checking trichomes every day now. About 60/40 cloudy to clear. I am starting to see amber on the sugar leaves which led me to a revelation💡:

I harvested my first grow too early and this is why. My first grow was a scrog and I had a hard time getting down to my buds with the scope. What I was doing instead was snipping a couple sugar leaves and laying them on the table. I went by the leaves instead of measuring ripeness on the buds. I may not have got the full potential out of my first harvest. I’m checking buds this time.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the support! I couldn’t do it without you or I♥️GM.

Happy growing :sunglasses::v:


they look awesome @SilentHippie…happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary @SilentHippie! Been a fun year!


Thanks folks! It has been fun. I love this hobby. I’m already planning the next grow.


Happy Cake Day @SilentHippie beautiful buddery going on


Happy anniversary, beautiful plants my friend.


Great looking plants and I agree with you on ILGM forum is the best!!!


Looking delicious my friend!


If you don’t mind me asking where do you actually look on the bud? I don’t have one of those Endo Scopes I have one of those stamp magnifying scope so for me I clip a piece of a sugar leaf and look at it. I may have been inspecting my buds all wrong for years! Could you please help clarify where you’re looking/your method? Thank you very much for your help and time I can’t tell you how awesome your girl is looking! You are going to enjoy it. Thanks!


This time, I’m actually looking right down into the bud. It seems to me that the leaves ripen first. My sugar leaves are mostly cloudy with about 5% amber. The buds themselves are still showing lots of clear. I’m checking multiple buds on each plant. I can’t really get a pic through my loupe.


Thank you very much for your reply. No worries about getting a picture. How you explained it is great. Thank you very much. I’m going to have to save up and get one of those endoscope things I see people use on here. I’ll have to figure out something to do. maybe a Jeweler’s loupe at 100 times mag, if there’s such a thing? I appreciate your reply


Great growing @SilentHippie, your buds looks super good!!
Happy Anniversary also Brother!!


First off, Happy Anniversary @SilentHippie :slightly_smiling_face:
Second, I’m definitely interested in the Kind Soil after seeing your results. :+1:


Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary, @SilentHippie!


Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! This is a great place filled with great people! :heart:


Happy anniversary @SilentHippie! :tada:
This info is helpful to me! I’ve always checked the leaves right next to the buds too! will be checking the buds themselves for now on!