KIND Soil Grow. Let's see if it's all they claim



Good morning growers. @SilentHippie here, back for a second grow!
Last grow was a huge success and I’m anxious to get the next one going. Yesterday I dropped a Blueberry fem and a Gold Leaf fem (both from ILGM) into an ounce of water with a drop of hydrogen peroxide. This morning, both sunk but haven’t cracked yet.

Some of the basics:

32" x 32" x 63" Topogrow tent
1 125w actual draw LED to start seedlings followed by 2 x 600w Mars Hydro a LEDs for later veg and flower.
4" duct fan with carbon filter

These plants will be grown in KIND Soil. If you’re unfamiliar with this grow method, this is a “water only” technique and won’t use any extra nutrients or additives. The manufacturer states that all the nutrients my plants will need is in the soil. I will be following the manufacturer’s instructions from start to finish and see what our results are. The KIND soil goes in the bottom of 5 gl. fabric pots and is topped off with ProMix BX with Mycorrhizae. The concept is to allow roots to grow down to the KIND soil and only uptake what it needs. This grow is purely organic and I will use Earth Juice Ph up and down per recommendations. If you’d like to read up on their technique, search KIND Soil and all the directions are on the site.

I have my seedling pots ready with 1/4 cup of KIND soil in the bottom, topped off with ProMix and lightly moistened. Once our seeds crack, they will go straight into the growing medium.

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If I missed someone, my apologies. If you’re interested in this type of grow, please set to “watching”.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. :v:

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Cool, following!


I’m along for the ride!! Best of luck @SilentHippie


Here in bleachers watching


Thank you for allowing me to watch. I am very curious to see how the soil works. I hope it works very well for you and good luck. If it does maybe it’s something I’ll look into also. Happy growing! Good luck.


Looking forward to this


I’m here and set to watching @SilentHippie thanks for the tag! This is going to be great.


Switched to tracking! Looking forward to seeing this one.


i’ll be watching @SilentHippie
very interested in the outcome of using kind soil…
i’ve seen the tablets at the seed store another water only feeding plan…


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I’m watching, very interest.




Excellent @SilentHippie, I will follow along too. I am doing something somewhat similar with worm castings and packaged soil.


Never heard of Kind soil, but very interested. All set to watch.


@SilentHippie. Is there a limit to how long you can vegg it before it uses up all the nutrients?


Lolol I thought he was using a kind led and soil


They claim you can veg them for 10 weeks max. With my tent size, I plan on vegging for about 8 weeks so we’ll see. :sunglasses:


On board the train - best of luck to you!


Present and watching!


Good morning folks. I plan on updating once a week, mostly with a pic or two to show our KIND Soil grow progress.

The blueberry poked her head out 3 days ago and the Gold Leaf 2 days ago. Misting the promix a couple times a day. My only concern is my tent temp is running 65-70 degrees and Rh is in the low 40s. I think it’s taking a little time for my 300w (120w actual) Led to warm up the tent and the humidity is going up slowly with the addition of moisture. If it stays low, they’re still small and I can always dome them again but they both look healthy.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day! :v::sunglasses: