Kind soil grow journal


I’m just checking with you mate, first let me say that you are doing great as it is clear to see for sure :100:, we are first a family and a very supportive growing friendly community were all off our fellow members are so happy to help you out in anyway possible and we love to help and give advice and support to all of our fellow growers. And also any questions we may have about anything no matter how silly it might sound please do just ask mate you can tag any of the members including myself by just putting the @ sign in front just like I do this @KillerB and who every you tag will get a notification and pop by :v:️.


Sorry folks, just caught up. @KillerB if it were me, I’d leave them in there for another week or until I see roots poking out the bottom. My seedling pots are a little bigger than the solo cups but mine stayed in for almost 5 weeks. I’d think at least 3 weeks in the cups but keep an eye on rootbinding.


Hey you doing mate sorry I got a little mixed up earlier I was trying to caught up with everything have been ill for a bit so I fell behind but up to date now mate also with your Journal it’s excellent anyway have a good day my friend :v:️. @SilentHippie and all :+1:


@Johnzy81 @SilentHippie thanks for the info, left them alone for the week and I think its about time now. Been 5 weeks now and they are starting to look bigger then the cups.



And here is this weeks update everyone


@KillerB looking good. They may be getting close to transplant. How do the roots look?


@SilentHippie There starting to show pretty good in the soil, I prepped the pots earlier for the transplant tonight. Just waiting for the lights to come back on.



New pots for the ladies, they seem to be enjoying the space


Once those roots hit the hot soil, they’ll explode! Looking good @KillerB


Thanks @SilentHippie appreciate all the help and replys


How much height are you working with in your grow space? Are you planning on any LST or topping/fimming?


@SilentHippie I got abit over 5 and a half feet of space under the light, I was just gonna let them grow this time. Was not gonna do any LST or anything. There almost pure indicas so I figure if I veg them till about 12 inches I should have plenty of space.


I wasn’t sure what technique you were going with. The website recommends keeping them low so some lst might be needed.


@SilentHippie alright thanks, if I end up needing too what would you recommend?


I would look into topping and lst. If you don’t want to top your plant, you could super crop them to control height. Kind soil recommends keeping them low. Their theory is the shorter the plant, the less energy needed to move nutrients to the tops, thus more energy for plant development. In my grow I used a combination of the three.