Kind soil grow journal


Hello starting my first ever grow, doing a kind soil grow with bush doctors coco loco potting soil. Created by the request of @SilentHippie and @GetbackJoJo hopefully others can join me on my way to my first crops. Have a 3 x 3 Helios Hydro grow tent with a 600 watt galaxy hydro led, running a ipower 6 inch fan with a carbon filter. Gonna be doing a water only grow as recommended by kind soil. Currently starting 4 plants, have two Northern Soul fems (Northern Lights x Skunk 1) and two Mama Mia fems (Early Skunk x Mazari Sharif). It is currently day 3 just over 72 hours and one Mama Mia and one Northern Soul are just out while one other Northern soul appears to just be pushing up, the other Mama Mia still nothing but still to early to declare a dud obviously. the light is on a 18/6 timer. The one Northern soul that is up looks a bit crooked and white so a little bit worried about that one. They are on a heat mat with a thermostat in 16 oz cups on a humidome trey, removed lid today because it wasn’t doing anything beneficial as humidity was the same outside as inside the humidome. gonna probably recover for night time though about a hour before to retain some temperature as that is all the lid does beneficial to the system. Have two clip fans with one running at night and two during the day to keep temps nice as its a bit hot in the north east right now. Very happy and exited to start and hope I find friendly and helpful people to join me along the way! Here is my setup the day I built it, will upload plant and grow photos over the next few days.


Looks like you’re ready. Let’s get growing😎


lets get the ball rolling @KillerB


This should be interesting. Good luck with the grow!


good luck @KillerB. I found moving the exhaust fan out of my temp brought down the temps several degrees. I just hung the filter and ran the hose to the fan outside. If you run into and issue might help out. (Added advantage was a bit more room inside).
Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Best of luck to you! @SilentHippie has my attention on his grow with that Kind soil. I love the idea of no added nutes if the results are there. I will be watching :+1:t3:


Here we grow.


Thanks @Reticence if I have temp issues will try that, currently the temps in the tent have been really good, and thanks to everyone else joining in on the thread really appreciate it. Currently day 4 and smooth sailing, all but one are up with the last one just pushing through the soil. Waiting for my new camera to get here so I can get some photos for everyone. Two of them have there first little leafs. Thanks for tuning in.


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Today’s update, Day 5. All are up and looking good, the first one that popped up still had its shell sticking the leafs together so I preformed surgery as has been recommended in other guides and journals I have read on here. Lightly misted the plant and took the shell off, was pretty easy. Was extremely careful removing it, didn’t do any damage to anything. She seemed to like it, unfolded herself like a sigh of relief. The light is 30 inches from the plants currently. Everything seems to be going great still, will have some baby pics for you all tomorrow. Still waiting on my camera so just gonna borrow a friends for the day. Thanks for all the replys and gratitude everyone!


Bookmarked. Sending good vibes!!!


Update Day 6,

As promised baby pic, Front two are Mama Mia back two are the northern soul. Back right corner is the Northern soul that need the quick surgery she seems to be doing good. Everything seems to be going well still, thanks for tuning in.


Do you have kind soil in the bottom of those cups?


Yeah the kind soil is on the bottom with coco loco on top.


1/4 cup worth of Kind Soil


Once your seedlings hit the hot soil, they’ll take off. It’s like they explode overnight. Are you using earth juice crystals to ph your water?


@SilentHippie Actually no the ph of my water is perfect right now just been filtering it. sitting right at 6.7ph. Thanks for the info, will be sweet when they do!


My water runs a little higher than yours so I have to use the Earth Juice. I’m not crazy about the crystals but it’s what’s recommended. It takes a VERY small amount to bring it down.

Make sure you’re testing your water every time and you should be golden. :sunglasses:


@SilentHippie Thanks for the info


Sorry its been awhile, my cat is very ill and has too be put down so have not had time for much other then the garden. Everything is still going pretty good, a day over 3 weeks. Had some slight droop over the past week, think it was a underwatering issue. Gonna upload some photos today at some point maybe someone will know. I watered yesterday and the leaves seem to not look droopy today so do believe it was underwatered. Everything else seems to be going well. Only other concern I have is the plants seem to be a bit on the small side but maybe i’m wrong. Thanks again for reading.