Kimbo Kush strain question

I have this kimbo plant in flower that doesn’t seem to be ripening. It’s supposed to be a 53 day flower. The 12/12 switch was on August 17, showed pistils on the 23 so that puts end on October 9 or 15. The trics are still partially clear with maybe a couple darker cloudy but not amber. The thing that concerns me is that I flushed based on the 53 day flower and I don’t know if I should’ve waited now…although it’s too late to do anything about that I think. Another issue is that it seems to be losing some scent, it seemed to have better odor a couple weeks ago. Anyone have any thoughts, advice or experience with this strain?Temps have been 70’s day, 63-67 nights, except for about two hours in the morning before the intake vents open, when it gets up to about 82. Should I be harvesting even though there’s no ambers? Does this strain ripen more compared to others during drying? To me, judging by the leaves and overall look of it(no new bud growth or fresh pistils)it seems it’s ready to come down, but I don’t know if I can use that as an indicator. The smell is what’s really concerning me.

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I know nothing of the strain, but lets take a new pic closeup of one of the bigger buds under white or natural light so we can take a look at her @Legalinmaine



It’s got some big trics…even going out to the big fan leaves. Better than my diesel dipped cookies last time, but I think there’s still room for improvement next time. I’ll be growing this strain for a while.

Kimbo kush is a indica dominant strain (named after the late Kimbo Slice). Cross between blackberry kush and starfighter. I have a few different kush strains going. Harvesting the last this week. Hitting 9 weeks flowering Wednesday. Past few weeks the buds have gained more resin and crystals.


@bob31 love the new title and pic!

Thank you Sir! I will get a nicer avatar at some point that one is just a temp!

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The pistils are telling me to look at the trichomes. And you’re not seeing any amber. What percentage is milky vs clear?

I’m more of a sativa guy myself but I have indicas- blueberry, gorilla glue and gold leaf.

One of my fav kush variety is sour kush. A little lemony tasting! Good stuff!

I’m about 80-85% milky right now, with very few amber-like 2% amber. Any idea why it wouldn’t smell as strong getting closer to the end? I’ve never heard of that…

Some strains just don’t want to amber up. You should be getting amber trichomes If the rest are 80% milky.

The smell diminishing would probably go hand in hand with the overall condition of the plant which is in decline.

Me personally, i would check it Wednesday and see whats going on and make a decision! Good Luck @Legalinmaine

The smell will come back after proper curing!


I wonder if flushing too early could cause a delay in ripening? Do you think it’s too early to split the stem?

Today’s tric sample

Lower plant sample…
It seems like the top samples have the purple inside the trics. My last flower had them too. Is that normal…?

Are you using LED’s? If so turn them off and only use white light. I don’t see any amber in those pics? I have sun light hitting my screen a little, so it’s hard for me to be sure. @Legalinmaine

Yeah, the ambers seem to be in the short trics, if that makes sense…still very very few. I don’t think you’re missing any from the photo. I have to really search for them. I use a 500w induction that I work up to through veg, then a week into flower I turn on one led(300w viparspectra), and halfway through flower I turn on the my other one. My DDcookies ripened fine with the leds so I don’t get why this one isn’t yet, especially as it’s supposed to be a shorter flower time. I don’t have a big “white” light, just the induction…which is a blue bulb. I think whatever’s going on is definitely pushing the cycle too far out because I found one partial weird banana today. As far as I know that’s the plants last ditch effort at reproduction before the end, and it only happens when it goes too long. Or stress from conditions but nothing has changed so I’m ruling that out. The very tips of the tops seem dry too, definitely not as tacky as the lower buds. I’m thinking of splitting the stem today, putting it through 72h dark period and harvesting. Maybe it will ripen during drying? I know they do a bit but how much, I don’t know.

I guess I could snip a top off and see what happens over a couple days while it’s drying.

It sucks because I think I had some good sized buds this time, and I’m going to miss out on some potency, and size. I think I cut off mutes too early. Oh well, next time will be better.

I put some 2700k leds and cfls above it for now, maybe it will help…


I don’t have experience with the strain, nor am I big nute guy either. But it does seem that quite a few members have pulled off nutes a little early the last couple of months.

I use organic nutes which will be a little different experience than synthetic, and if I go to water only it’s usually only for 3-7 days if at all. I’m not recommending you try this necessarily, but I would probably recommend leaning to err on the other side if you choose to flush. Meaning miss by less instead of more. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, perhaps switching to at least a molasses feed for a few extra days.

They usually swell so much the last couple weeks, it sucks when you miss. But you should be able to get scent back with cure like bob31 says.

Everybody has a different style and opinions, that is part of this wonderful community here…
There is not right-wrong, all depends on what you looking for…
The Kushes are wonderful to grow, unless you looking for sleep meds( as I do) Do Not let the trichomes go to amber( milky is at peak of potency)
The sativas are Ok with tiny amber here and there, but indicas are way too past prime when you actually see first amber trichome…
Just my humble 2 cents :wink::wink::wink:

Happy harvest !!


I agree with you @Ragnar but most everyone here is looking for major amber. To mean amber means they have died off and the maximum potency lies in maximum milky…


As always, pleasure to contribute…:wink::wink::wink::wink:


I agree, which is why I cautiously explain my method. The last thing we need is another flush vs non flush thread lol.

Most of my experience is with sativa leaning hybrid, and I typically chop about 20% Amber. Not because that’s what I target, but it’s usually about the time I see trich production slow and I’m confident that I’ve run through most of the finishing bud swell. I would imagine that will vary strain to strain some though. I’m not against running a flush, especially with synthetic nutes. But I would make sure that I didn’t start early.


@Legalinmaine,hey mate hows it going,just wondered how you got that picture,did you put your phone up to your magnifier lense,?i can’t seem to get it,or do you have a plug in like digital lense.looking great :slight_smile:

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