Killadruid you mentioned the plant was maturing?

NEW to growing without looking over your shoulder or guaranteed harvest.
The pics I posted are one plant but there are a couple of others exactly the same they look like Foxtails. They all suffered shock from abuse they are now over 10 weeks old and just now starting to grow branches below the main foxtail and recently about in the center of the foxtail.
There isn’t much info anywhere about Auto’s recovering from stress I’ve read grow pages & troubleshooting guides from IGLM/GYO/Leafly/ to Royal Queens as most say just trash and start over. They did but it took 10 weeks.
I watched for them incase they turned hermaphrodite but all are still normal females, and all of the branches are growing white pistils.
They supposedly being AUTO’s from ILGM what should I do since the main stock is getting closer to maturing and harvesting and branches deciding to grow @ 10+ weeks. I’ve heard about toping, but wont that add stress or should I just let the branches grow and wait till the whole plant matures? I was under the assumption from what I read, Autos just slowly faded when they came to the end of their growing time. My initial inquiry/post, was if they were revegging which was told Auto’s don’t reveg. So maybe because of shock then they are finally recovering healthy is why they delayed their normal growing schedule?

If you’re at 10 weeks you still got a ways to go even though they are autos they could easily go 16 weeks seeds to Harvest. Personally at 10 weeks I would not top. Keep taking care of your girls.

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Thanks for the info about their longevity could be considerably longer than what was listed.


The listed time Starts at Flower after transition as I Understand it @middlechamber

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