Kill everything?

Before last harvest bugs were getting very hard to keep under control. First the Thrips and then Spider mites. Nothing I tried really did any good on the mites.
So I was thinking about spraying everything with a strong bug killer. Just leave the dirt alone for about 2 months, then flush everything. Do the flushing till almost planting time. Thoughts? Good idea? Bad? Crazy?

Use a 50% dish soap and 50% water mixture and spray all plant even under the leaves (watch the bugs slide off). Pulling the plant is the very, very last resort. many use Neem oil - Remember after harvest, ect - clean your grow space all if it. No flushing yet if plants are only 2 months old. You can fix this issue (will take a week or two to fix)

I’m talking about outside grow…I’m trying to figure out a way to kill everything before I start a new grow in May or June. Then flush before I plant to get all the killer stuff out of ground.

look at marijuana plot / maybe change if can so issues will not happen again., after you pull the plant up - wash the root ball till only roots no dirt

I have nothing growing in the grow place I have set up. What I’m trying to figure out is a way to kill any bugs in the grow area. There is no plants at all in that area. So I was wondering what to use to kill every kind of bug now and then about 2 months before I plant again. @latewood or. @MacGyverStoner @garrigan62 any thoughts?
Ps got 2 oz from my indoor grow blueberry smells and tastes great.

  1. Take everything, and I mean everything, out of the room.

  2. Mixed in a small spray bottle 50% bleach and 50% water and sprayed this on all the surfaces in the room. Take a sponge mop and wiped down all the surfaces after I sprayed the bleach. The bleach concoction is so strong that if you go in the room your eyes burn. It would be better to sock it real good and let it set of a bit.

  3. Clean your ballasts, hoods, cords and everything else with the bleach solution.

  4. Vacuumed the entire room.

  5. Let off a hot shot fogger. The active ingredients are tetramethrin and cypermethrin.

Then repeating these steps several times over the next two weeks then wash the room and everything in it down again.

Thin I would give the room a go with Doctor Doom bomb sprayer.


Agree - a good cleaning is a must ; so just use any simple “bio” product “garrigan62” great information

I got to do the same thing here next grow cycle lol
And happy to help Steve


It’s outside lol

Buy a garden sudter and a bag of Diatomaceous Earth Fodd Grade Codes.

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Thanks I did not think of using that. I just need a duster.
Thanks again Tom

Heck…when I got you message it didn’t say anyything about being outside and didn’t realize to scroll up ward
Well if anything someone who reads my post here that growing inside. Still got good information…lol
Other wise I would have said the same thing as Latewood advised you to do.
But I would have suggested that you use it doubling your ¿ grow size…and or you can do this
Wet Application Methods
It’s easy to apply diatomaceous earth in a wet mixture. If you are using DE to treat your garden, you can mix DE and water into a spray receptacle. After you’ve mixed the two, apply a thick coat on the tops and undersides of all your plants. When applying it to the grass, wet down the grass with the hose. Then apply a heavy layer of DE through a dust sprayer onto the grass. Once the water dries, the DE will stick to the grass. Reapply once a month, especially after it rains.

There are even ways to apply a wet mixture of DE as a cleaner around the house. You can also spray DE wet for a natural pesticides, around the home,

Sorry about the confusion " tlkbear " wipping egg off face…lol



Aww no worries man. But I am starting a new post on nutes lol, just want different opinions. Thanks for the idea to spray it on wet I got a ton of sprayers.

Good deal Tom keep me up on what your growing…next.
I ordered the panama Red and Acapulco Gold.
You remember those don’t ya…along with the Thai Stick…lol


Sure do :sunglasses::deciduous_tree:. Do you or anyone know if Maui wowie seeds are around?

Never mind, I stopped being lazy. There is.

If ya don’t care p.m me the link i’ll add it to my Old School Grow.