Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry (continued)


@Rayofsunshine Imo the smell and taste does get better as they cure. By the time I got to my last jar if blueberry, it had cured 3 months. Wow it smelled and tasted so much better than the first jar which only cured for a month


Land Shark New year’s cheers


That was a nice blast from the past. Happy New Year!


You’re very welcome, it came up in a conversation with my wife, had to share.

I love this song, Blues Traveler - Dropping some NYC


Happy New Years PotHeads. May u all have sticky fingers, funky full bushes, and dry tight eyes. :vulcan_salute:t5::vulcan_salute:t5:


Yeah 2019!!


She’s over here now, @QtPatooty .


Thank you set to watching, I will be lurkering :sunglasses:around. Is that a word??? Wow she’s so bushy…looks great. But I would expect nothing less from you.:+1::+1::+1:


Saturday, January 5, 2019
Day 117, Day 57
of flower.

Gave her a flush today cause she’s getting close to harvest. I think she’s got another week or two.


Just water? How much? Ec/ppms of run-off?



Lol, I knew I forgot something.


Pothead. :grinning:


She definitely has the finishing look :eyes:


Beautiful ladies! I guess lady since it’s one. But she looks great.


Pothead. :grinning: lol


@raustin, she looks good man!


@kw_Bat you mean women :wink:


As usual beautifully done :eyes::star_struck:


Yeah…it’s an ok looking plant…I guess. :sunglasses:


Well she definately used every bit of space up. How far above Afina did you have your light? I am kinda afraid I might fry them. I read sometimes lightburn doesn’t show right away and when you do realize it, it’s usually too late. Don’t want to end up in that statistical group of too laters.