Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry (continued)


Wow, they actually make bush lights.


It works as a lighted beard or a bush cover
It’s got you covered for all you HoHoHo’s


Ahahahahah that’s f ing funny




She looks fantastic @raustin, incredible job, I’ve been pretty gun shy with pushing the nutes too much, afraid I might mess them up or wind up with harsh smoke afterwards. Next grow I’ll be a little more aggressive about it.
She looks a lot like mine do right now, the hairs/pistils on mine are further along with the change in color.
Are they changing color on Afina, what about her trichomes, how are they coming along?


@Budbrother, dude, you’re fucking killing me LOL!


I don’t recommend pushing nutes to others, it’s easy to screw it up and burn your plants. Lol. Afinas pistils are starting to brown up a little, but I haven’t even looked at her trichs yet.


Now, that’s how a bush should be trimmed.


Yes, exactly what I was thinking, been doing good so far so I figured I’d best leave well enough alone.
Now, where has the party moved to, we’re only up to 108 post since the 19th? you were getting that in an hour on the original thread LOL.


We can party here, I think everyone’s just been busy from the holidays.


Kinda figured that, like you I dont make much of a hoopla about them or get caught up in the whole thing, just enjoy the time off.
Nonetheless, Enjoy your time with your family, that’s what its all about :slightly_smiling_face:


To busy is for sure, time to chill, slow down and just enjoy a bit.


Yeah the whole forum is slow lately because of the holidays I’m sure. Hopefully everyone is spending time with those they love. And all are buzzed to endure those that they don’t lol.


Trim that bush!!!


Pollen press!! I love it!! Puff Puff.


I want to wish everyone on the forum a very merry and safe Christmas. Have a wonderful stoned day, potheads!


Merry stoned Christmas to you :v: :green_heart:


morning potheads. And Merry Holidays to u all. May ur family be tolerable, food be yummy, and ur weed be potent. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Merry Christmas and Happy Holydays to all my ILGM family. Peace and Love.


Merry Christmas to all an a happy new year