Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry (continued)


This time of year gets crazy for everyone. I love Christmas and getting to give gifts. But I’ll be glad when it’s over this year.


Have you ever done that before? Hit 10k replies and have your original thread taken down?


Think its the first ‘grow journal’ to do it


Like purp said. So pretty cool especially with how fast it hit it.


Got gallon bag full of leafs and stems was just going to puree then steep in oil for brownies


Hey I like the new place! Lots of space.


@abouttime here’s the new thread.


@raustin, got it! thanks for the invite. following.


I know it’s the weekend before Christmas but man it’s so quiet I can hear crickets chirping. Of course the real answer is I’m high and my ears ring non stop lol.


It is quiet. I’ve been too busy to post lately, but we’ll get this thread into shape.


Sunday, December 23, 2018
Day 104, Day 44
of flower.

Gave her two gallons of water with Cal Mag.
Runoff Ph 6.0
PPM 2010


2010 ppm explains the tip burn… your really maxing her out aren’t you… she looks good tho… :wink:
Your in pro mix aren’t you?


Yes, promix, so I know exactly what that 2100 of PPM is. I like to push the nutes in flower, but I had to get it all the way up to 2300 to get some tip burn. She’ll get a nice flush this week.


Whip them into shape , I say… :grin:
She looks super frosty… :yum:



She looks fantastic!! Wow she is thick and bushy.


Hey , hey , hey … with the thick and bushy… :grin:
Most chicks like to say trimmed and proper these days… :laughing::smile::sweat_smile::grinning::smirk::roll_eyes:




I occasionally trim my bush, but I like the wild and natural look sometimes.


I like to trim my bush with blinky lights & garlands of popcorn. Just gives it that extra special something. For the holidays, I add some sparkly balls.


Don’t you find the blinky lights scorch the hairs?


Leds, baby!