Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry (continued)


I might fall asleep again.


I’m feeling wonderful, myself.


Dang I wish I could get to that point. Hopefully when i can get edibles it’ll help.


The sleepy or the happy? Or both?


Haha well I don’t get giggly. Much to my wife’s disappointment. But I get happy. Sleep is what I need.


If you find something that works, let me know.


Train wreck is what I’ll be starting soon, as my first grow. Hadn’t seen or read anything about fishy-ness, that doesn’t sound pleasant for smoke and I am all about fishing. I am doing a hydro drip system, I’ll be praying for help, I’m a nervous wreck, start germination after Christmas


Have you done a northern lights yet? That’s what I’m doing next. I plan to get a fair bit of amber on half of them to. Might even let some of these amber up a bit just to see if I can get something to knock me out.


Night nurse is a knockout let it go a lil longer like 65 to 70% amber


I’ll look into that one. I’ve got a lot of seeds to grow though lol. I’ll eventually expand into 3 grow areas so I can do more at once.


I know the feeling wish i had the space for what i want to play with🤣


Lol believe me I have the space… just not the budget to outfit the new additions in lighting and air control. So I’ll do it like my first room. I’ll build and buy as I can. I’ll get there eventually. Might even get brave enough to try one outside in the spring.


Not yet, but I have an auto seed ready to go for next year. I’ve never smoked either.


Well hopefully it gets the job done. I’ve had a few people tell me to try it. And I’ve got a couple gorilla glue beans from @Haildamaged to test out as well. Maybe I’ll drop one of those in the new grow space with J berry. I’ll need more light though. Maybe end up adding some CFLs or something to get the light I’ll need.


Yeah, even that cherry flavor is gone, now. I hate the way this one turned out, flavor-wise.

It better be glad it makes me feel great, otherwise, I’d be very disappointed. I have 1.75 oz left of it. Will cook with an oz of it.


Hopefully I can keep up with this thread. Lmao. Everytime I went to the old one it took me 20 min to catch up.
How’s Alfina doing???


where are yall pot heads ?


I believe its just me. Not the genetics. Hopefully it gets better


Morning my stoner brethren


ha makin sum Super budder gona take sum of it and a bud or two of Super skunk to @DoobieNoobie today or tomorrow got a shopping trip w/ the g/daughters so have time it man this shizit is killer too, talk about lung expansion holy !@#$%^&