Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry (continued)


Too many other strains to pin point, honestly.


I taste chicken soup.


Chicken noodle soup?


Yes, definitely with noodles.


Hmmm…that’s what’s for dinner, but…I’ll have to smoke some tonight.


I don’t taste the cherry.


Damn trainwreck has no real terps… just wood n kinda fishy. Maybe its in my head. I have high hopes for her but that lack of real smell worries me


Fishy, really?


Not super fishy. But i use emul. Its the only one that has that smell when they dry between feeds. Its not very strong. But neither is any other noticable smell.

REALLY hope she dont smoke like that. Gonna be heart breaking. But i dont mind buddering her butt


Come to think of it, Afina doesn’t smell very much either.


Bitter pipe tobacco cherry


I need another bowl.


Ive noticed when i shake a branch or a leaf u can smell their… ‘themness’ i check it every couple days now.

Time to roll here. I got this DIRT ass weed. N it’s horribly dried and cured. But gets u high af


This PC has a very nice high.


Upbeat eh? Id hope for a sativa buzz.


I love the high.


Very mellow, like melting, but not sleepy.


I’d grow it again. I think I probably screwed it up.


Got more seeds?


Oh, what did you use to make the chocolates?