Kettle Keeping Busy.... 🐝

pwahahhahaha… we are the same but opposite, ive gone from keeping the fire going all day to 90’ days… wtf… but we are not as bad as u… but its wet this year… i think i may need to buy a dehumidifier… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:

yeah bud i will add the PK… :pray:t2: :grin:


Ya I’ve got my :crossed_fingers: that my weather will be in the 80s by the middle of next month…
My last three electric Bill’s were 450 bucks and I’m just sick of the heat…
I bet your hands and fingers are pretty tired… :smile::smiley::joy::rofl::laughing::smirk:

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ok everyone… its not gorilla glue… its not alien or any combination of the 2… i know i wrote gg allen in some spots, because how i though his name was spelt… it was one of my mates fav bands and he killed himself about 6 years ago… so i brought the seeds… because of dogsy, and so far they have been an awesome purchase… i got 2 mixed packs before they went offline…

i didnt breed it, it was bred by southern star seeds…

take it easy legends… :wink: :thinking:


Oh wow that weed sure has a story to tell.
Sorry to hear of your buddy’s passing.
Must be some knock out weed.
How did you say it rated so far?


Holy Moly that’s a lot of medicine :+1:


Now I’m jealous :tired_face:
They look awesome mate very well done :partying_face::partying_face::australia::australia:

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Outmotherfreakingstanding, my friend :+1:t2: :v:t2:

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thanks guys… im stoked :smile:

quality of the smoke… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: well its strong, and it gives you a pleasant flavor of nothing particular but full on weed… :smile: :grin:

strength… look im in an illegal state, but its up there with the strongest i have had… :smirk: :smile:… trimming time… :smile:


I need a solid trim time here kettle… come on!! Devil is in the details… is that how that phrase is supposed to be used? Is that really a phrase people ever used at all? Have I smoked too much, not enough ? How many tokes does it take you to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop?

Jeeez ok I maybe certifiably mental :wink:

Long time kettle! Nice harvest man! Hope all is well


thanks bud… :smile: too long… man we just finished trimming… :yawning_face:

hope u are well buddy too… how is your set up going? :smirk: :grinning: :grin:


Going well, I want a bigger space to play with but I’m sure that’s a lot of people’s problems.

Found a baby squirrel and have been raising it for past few days… now people can call me “The squirrel master!”

image image

Don’t mind the pet carrier… my wife thought it needed a dunne and Burke bag with a paisley inlay and falligator (fake alligator) exterior to make him tough


Hey @Zee lol …too funny another baby squirrel, maybe some words of advice since you just fostered one as well.


@PharmerBob, make sure you feed it goats milk. We rescued one 2 weeks ago. Gave it to a rescue center after we nursed it over the weekend.

@LoCoRock, what a trip. You going to be glued to the TV today?


Negative… It too man. I’m diehard sports fan but kneeling for the anthem and all this BS blood. I will not be watching football this year. Have you ever read my profile, it is the same since I joined 2 years ago. Not to mention the boys.on this thread are rugby guys…no american football for Kettle…Aussie boys this way LoL


Understood, I backed off too. I got married, so I don’t read profiles anymore. What’s your sign? Just kidding.



Definitely and lots of unshelled unsalted nuts on hand also :wink:


Think ours was 2 to 3 weeks old. Fell out of it’s tree, our dam cat grabbed it, saved it from our cat. Little guy was waking up every 4 hours like clock work to feed. They sound like birds, right?


Yea they scream at you if they need something. Ours is only mouthy if you wake it up while sleeping to check on it and the first day I when I brought it home it screamed at me in my truck to tell me it was starving


image image


If you strapped a lil fanny pack to him it look just like a baby joey huh kettle? LoL I don’t think Ket mines the squirrel chat on his thread he seems to be an animal lover. Regardless you both are good souls for saving the lil guys.
And for the record- I’m a sagittarius & I enjoy long walks on the beach, the belly laugh of an infant & fat spliffs @ sunset LoL. <---- that’s straight up dating game material.