Kettle Keeping Busy.... 🐝

this is where ill be hanging, :grin:

I wont be writing as much full on technical stuff grow wise… I don’t think… :smirk: im getting settled thanks to the fuzz… and a fair few others… :+1: :grin:

so where are we… well I just finished (Phoenix Grow, From the ashes...... more DWC - #40 by kettle)… it has more then 1000 posts though kinda defeats the point of going so in depth with how i was doing everything if u cant find anything… and good… im still on the fence if i should try and mass produce my pots idea and make my millions… :smiling_imp:…im only half joking… :smirk: after the first trees grew through them… good as new…

flower tent looks good… :pray: :smiley: :grin:

im very close to changing the room set up all around… I just am making up my mind on a few things… :grin:

Take it easy legends… :grin:

@peachfuzz @elheffe702 @Oldguy @Gremmall @Grandaddy013 @TDubWilly @Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 @Mrcrabs @Mote and anyone else i am sorry… everyone can undersand how bad memories can be… :smirk: but just tag along anyway if u want… :smirk: :grin: and ive just found out u can only tag 10 people so you will never know how many missed out… :grin: :metal:


Wouldn’t miss it! :+1:


Looking awesome!


Niiice! Thanks for the tag Mate…and they’re looking fine & dandy! :star_struck: Rock it Dude, Rock it!
Love the set up :+1:
Best of luck & set to watching :smiley: :waffle: :poultry_leg: :popcorn: :beer: :doughnut: :pizza: :fortune_cookie:

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welcome everyone, I love it here… great place with a top group of people. :grin:

I have to say, if I write or anyone really, writes anything that offends, generally it wasn’t intended that way… or let me know :grin: I didn’t know where to write that without sounding like a twat… :grin:

so… yeah, about to drop 3 out of these 5… im guessing I leave the blue dream and the sour diesel out… just for ease of management of finishing times… :metal: :grin:

@mote how are the films going… remember you guys made Fargo… man that’s a good film… is it wrong that I find it funny… :grin: :smirk: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


set to watching

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That’s not wrong to find Fargo funny at all, it’s a dark comedy. Have you seen other’s by the Coen Brothers?


Good luck this round @kettle Or should I say the complete Australian lol


I loved that film so much I watched I was about to say a lot of them… but I just looked it up… they have made a lot… I knew I found some weird and loved others…

Fargo… perfect film for me…
raising Arizona
big Lebowski
no country for old men is another true favorite… don’t know how many times I have watched that…
true grit…
burn after reading

didn’t like … weird…
a serious man
the lady killers…

some others…

seen a couple of others… man they have made a lot… missed more then when I was tagging people… :smirk:


lol I was just looking at that thread… funny… :grin:


that bit with the parking attendant… :rofl:


@ kettle, I will be following along as well, that is if you don’t mind :v:


of course man… get involved :grin:

Ha ha (as Purp would say). Absolutely not, its funny as hell dude, thats what makes it so great, its also really twisted and that is what made it a classic, so you’re fine :+1: Dont forget probably right up there w fargo, no country for old men :wink:

Beans: dude thats a great line up, im focused on cali dream, that is on my list, cant wait to see how she does, the rest are ok :joy: :rofl:


Mind if I hang around? Set to watch

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not at all make yourself comfortable… :metal:

When me and my wife were in our early twenties, newly dating and couldn’t afford cable, we had a DVD player that would only play our Fargo dvd! We fell asleep to that movie almost every night haha. One of my all time favorites. “The heck do you mean!” and “I’ll fix you some eggs” are quotes we use as inside jokes still to this day :wink::sunglasses::v::bear:


found this little guy and thought he’d be good for scale… :grin:

new nutes… they are just over 7 weeks… writing everything on the board helps… :grin:


Well crap the little dudes really hooked me in! Can I play too?


lol, I think its my new favorite thing to do… :grin:

he’ll be back…

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