Kentucky Derby 144


So I know everyone does more than smoke n grow, whos your pick in Derby 144,Im Irish/Native American and Im picking Mendelssohn, I like others too but Ill keep it simple. So now it`s your turn, tell us who your favorite is? Also thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to ILGM and a new found family. Hat off head bowed…


I would but I don’t do even fun “bets” on something I would have for breakfast.

Mmmm… Been a while since I had a nice horse steak, that may have to change soon…


I watched Jimmy Fallon last night and he had the puppies :dog: pick for the derby :racehorse: the top 15 we’re represented the first puppy to the food was the winner and that puppy was Mendelssohn so I’m going with that pick


You warm blooded carnivore you…UM I`m assuming you are warm blooded? lmao Diversity, I love this place.


We usually watch Fallon too but missed it last night, we had grandkids. I thought maybe Gary Frick Jr. might have won.


Oh, I’m a true carnivore. I tried going veggie once, replacing the meat protein with other sources (not that Tofu or Quorn crap, I’d rather eat cardboard and it would probably be more nutritious than that garbage) and I had never felt so weak in my life before, that was when I realised I MUST have a certain amount of animal going into me daily or things do not end well.

As the old saying goes, everyone’s different and so are their needs. I just have to watch the fat content, but I know I can get all sorts of decent meat with under 5% fat so can still happily eat lumps of raw steak or horse as I see fit.


All this talk of red meat and Im getting hungry again, Honey more Sausage and Bacon please. Now roll up another one just like the other one…TO BE CONTINUED.


I’m going with free drop billy…


I don’t bet $$ but I also bet on the underdog.
Combatant :+1:t2:

That came out kind of weird. what I meant was I always bet on the underdog which is why don’t bet real money :smirk:


Never tried horse but they say it good. My sis ate it once when she was in Argentina. It very common. Lot of meat eaters over there.


Done right, it’s wonderful. Didn’t think much of Stripey Horse, aka Zebra, tough as old boots that is.


Always said I would try almost anything once twice if I liked it!


Odds look about right on good magic, I’ll go with that.


My wife likes him too. I also like Audible, but it has rained here all day actually started last night so a long shot for a backup is always good. Almost call to the post…


Omg it’s pouring there!!


Yes it is, I think I`ll build an Ark.


Justified :clap:


and so it goes, come on Justified. At least all are safe.


Wonderful race, muddy as hell! Justify didnt have a lick of mud on him leading all the way.


With you there, love Kangaroo, don’t do frog leg, didn’t think much of croc, and it ain’t Christmas without Rudolph grilled and on your plate, you never know until you try it