Kellogg raised bed and potting mix plus organic


So am starting an outside grow here in sunny Florida, But the only thing is ive never grown a plant ever so id like if some people took the time to help a friendly guy out am using Kellogg raised bed and potting mix its suppose to have some organic things in it but who really knows. Should i use it or what way would be best. hopefully you guys can take some time and help me out thanks


Welcome @Losro313

I would start by reading Robert’s grow bible, the guides on this website and some of the grow journals on the forum. The bible will give you tons of info from choosing soils to when it’s time to harvest. You can’t go wrong if you start there. Once you’re ready to stick a shovel in the ground there are lots of folks here who will help you out along the way.

Search grow bible in the search tool in the upper right corner and some posts should come up with links to the bible from about a month ago. :open_book: Good luck ~ AB


thanks so much means alot for the comment


Could you possibly find out the ingredients of that

It might be ok? What strain are you planning on growing?



Cotton candy kush , it’s supposed to be a high yield if am not mistaking. But like I said am new and willing to experiment


@Losro313, I looked at that soil myself and I think it would be fine. I would probably start my seeds in a dedicated starter medium and perhaps find a good organic fertilizer with bat guano and worm castings in it and use in conjunction with your soil.

Although I’m not suggesting that you not grow outside, I strongly suggest that you grow in a container that you can move. Fabric pots are an excellent choice. Trust me that there are a myriad reasons to containerize.


I was actually gonna use 5 gallon buckets so i can move the plants if needed, what soil would you recommend to put my seedlings in befor I used Kellogg?. Thanks so much for your time and comment can’t stress that enough


Also I was planning on using canna products any tips on that or what do you think of it, only problem with that its pricey if you ask me


@Losro313 I will let @Myfriendis410 answer about the soil as he has you covered on that. The bucket is a great idea, but they need lots of holes in them so that the soil can breath.

This is a smaller container for starting seeds in, but the same idea transfers to the 5 gallon buckets.

The holes were made with a soldering iron. Probably want to use a drill on a 5 gallon bucket.


Thanks a lot @bob31 means alot to hear from some people I’ll make sure I start in some smaller containers (with plenty holes) then replant to 5 gal buckets I’ll most definitely keep you guys updated along the way fellas


ok sounds good! @Losro313


What strain will you be growing?


Cotton candy kush, I’ve got 10 regular seeds so I will need to dispose of the male from female, I’ve been looking at the seeds here any good that you can recommend


They are all good! Depends on what you are looking for? Similar to CCK is Blueberry, though it is a straight Indica and CCK is a Hybrid.

Are you into flavors or do you have medical needs? I grow for pain management. I like chocolope and Amnesia Haze (Sativas) for Daytime and AK47 for before and after dinner, later in the evening I go to Blueberry or Gold Leaf.

So tell me more and I will see if I can match you up? @Losro313


The seeds need to be started in a nutrient free media. There is a variety of different starter media from peat pellets to rock wool. The easiest would be to buy some perlite and mix it 50/50 with your soil as a starter. Use a 3" pot, one per seed. Distilled or ph’d water only, NO NUTRIENTS. Buy a misting spray bottle and collect some clear 2 liter pop bottles for clear dome covers. Watering should be a spritz 3 times a day, SLIGHTLY DAMP. You can kill the seedling by over watering. As for nutrients, you won’t need them until the plants are a foot or more high.

Keep us tagged in with your questions like this @bob31. There are plenty of people who love to help so come join the fun! @Losro313


I also grow for medical needs, I was in Afganistán 4 years and my knees took a lot of damage I have 1 metal rod in my knee had 2 surgeries in the last 5 months. Hopefully the strain I have here is some help, @bob31


@Myfriendis410 so I can go buy perlite and mix it with the Kellogg its self?


@Losro313 welcome to the #1 Friendliest forum you are in great hands my friend if you have any questions on strains I will be more than happy to answer them for you thank you for the your service glad to have you aboard we will get you set up my friend😉


Sorry to hear that @Losro313 and Thank You for your service! :us::v:

Do you need all day pain relief? (I do) So if you need the ability to function (daily tasks) then consider growing Sativa’s for daytime use. And then you can have the Indicas for the evening. You can check leafly on the different strains and their effects but I am going to tell you that some of the best daytime meds are available right on ILGM

These are the 4 best IMO I am currently growing Amnesia Haze and I just harvested Blueberry (An excellent evening med) My next grow I will do the Chocolope. I have some here from locally and it is fantastic! (I am also growing a Gorilla Glue and a Gold Leaf)

Amnesia Haze
Train Wreck
Durban Poison (Only reg seeds no fem, yet)

If I had to pick just one of those four, I would have to choose Chocolope. Pretty much because it is the only one I have tried on that list!

I was in the Army for 6 years in the 70-80’s. I am retired AF Reserve. I did 23 years. Missed most of the middle east though I did get activated locally after 9-11


it was an honor , I will most deff look into those strains. I feel alot more comfortable with my project knowing I have peoole like you guys to respond to some questions @bob31 @Myfriendis410