Keeping weight and drying

So I’d like to dry as quick as possible without losing weight due to over dryness, I’m thinking of hanging them in a cardboard box for 3 days then clipping them off to go on a netted wrack woth multiple layers (not bud wrack layers you know the ones I mean) sound like a plan?
Last question, does curing add or lose weight?


Hey there my friend how’s it going ?
Your answer is: you lose weight no way around it Sorry

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@McLovin777 - For whatever it’s worth, an experienced grower I know recommends drying in a room with a dehumidifier. I’ve never tried it myself. Maybe others here have tried it and can contribute their experience.

However, as the above poster says, dry is dry, no matter how quickly you accomplish it. But I cn see it minimizing mold risk.