Keeping things balanced

A question from a fellow grower:

Right now my biggest problem has been trying to keep the chemicals balanced. Ph is up to 9.0 and ppm is about 1100.
What’s the easiest and best fix? New water?

Clean water and probably a little less nutrients also, ph down will help drop your ph, however if I’m not mistaken when ph drops the ppms drop, @Donaldj what’s your opinion here

Ph down but curious what is your res temp like? I assume these ladies are month or 2 old? running that high a ppm a res change is simplest I just wonder how you let it get that high ph if you are monitoring daily and adjusting

What are all the “chemicals” you are referring to?

Just to steal this topic…I adjust pH regularly. If left alone, would it plateau or peak at 7-8-9 or would it keep climbing to 14? @Donaldj? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol it would plateau some where but to let it hit 9 I would be testing my meter and have to have left them for day’s without checking to get that far out of range

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Of course it would peak, doh, too high, dead plant, no more pH going up.
The scarecrow in the wizard of oz has nothing on me!
“If I only had a brain”

Thanks fellas your help is appreciated greatly