Keeping Reservoir temps down

Planning my first rdwc system. Have two 2x2 tents that I planned on utilizing. I was going to use one for the grow pot and the other to house the reservoir and all pumps etc. I am in arizona and obviously summers get hot and I am thinking of ideas to get the res temps down. Given this is a small home grow I didn’t want to shell out the $300+ for a proper water chiller.

So while thinking of ideas I wanted to throw this out there as I have no idea if it will work. I have an unused mini fridge, would it move the needle on temps if I put the air pump inside the cold mini fridge and pumped cold air to the air stones in the tanks? Again no idea if this would work but throwing it out to get opinions.


I’m not a hydro grower but I have read where some growers put frozen water bottles in there buckets.

Yea read the same. Looking for a bit more stable solution. Water bottles would seem to be high maintenance, fluctuating water temps and brings the possibility of water contaminates.

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